Winter Solstice! Eclipse Season! New Year looming! It’s time to buckle down and get into full self care mode to prepare for the year ahead. This season I have been embracing some practical basics and

stay indoors

Covid/ self isolation special It’s not easy to stay home and do nothing. Falling back on social media and TV can causes brain stagnation if you overuse them, so taking a break from your devices


Autumn is a time of year where I begin to shift my living space from a bright and light Summer home, to cosy warm nest with candle lighting. Certain words like maintaining, fostering and nurture

Self Care for a Surreal Summer

Finding balance amidst the most surreal Summer of 2021 has been a real challenge amidst all the energetic, economic and environmental changes going on. More than ever I find myself turning inwards and falling towards

inner self: a yoga memoir

I was first introduced to Yoga 13 years ago.   I found myself in Kerela completely out of the blue after I finished university. I had signed up to a commercial modelling agency to earn