Dark mornings and long evenings- a Winter self care story

With long nights and darker days, seeking out as much natural light as possible has been a top priority for me this Winter. I’ve been tucking into oranges, and eating nourishing meals full of green veg, beans and lentils. I have been keeping shots of Raw Turmeric Vitamin C and D3 turmeric shots by The Turmeric Co. in the fridge this Winter, which really give me the pick me up I need at this time. The shots are designed with 100% fresh and natural vitamins and antioxidants to help boost immunity and energy, and have a zingy, fresh and delicious taste. I’ve been enjoying them during the afternoon slump when my energy is at its lowest or after a gym workout. I have also been keeping Vital Mushrooms by Wellguard close at hand this Winter for my general wellbeing. This organic mushroom extract contains a supercharged blend of hot water extracted mushrooms; Lion’s Mane, Chaga, Reishi, Shiitake, Maitake and Cordyceps, and can be taken with coffee, tea, soup or smoothies. I love getting the benefits of all of these adaptogens in one go, and this blend supports many aspects of the body such as memory, focus, sleep and energy.

Featured image: Probiotic Safeguard CBD Moisturiser by J’Tanicals
Above: Olive soap by Savon de Marseille

Speaking of adaptogens, my ever-favourite ingredient CBD is the leading hero in J’Tanicals Probiotic Safeguard CBD Moisturiser. I have been enjoying treating my skin to their latest technology which protects the microbiome and helps restore barrier function. The cream holds a mix of liquorice root extract, argan oil, Duo-Hyaluronic Complex and Squalane, which leaves my skin feeling hydrated, silky-soft, having calmed any irritations along the way. It also comes with a delicate gold application spoon which can be run under cold water before use to reduce puffiness along the way. I previously wrote about their CBD Gel cleanser, and this moisturiser proves a brilliant accompaniment to that.

100% plant extract aromatherapy kits by Trelonk

If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, chances are you’ve had to get used to navigating a new sleep pattern during the change of the seasons. Cornwall-based company Trelonk have developed 100% plant extract aromatherapy kits for home use to aid the mind, pain and sleep. Their unique range of naturally crafted oils can be applied on specific areas of the body, put into a diffuser or inhaled- the latter triggering a response through receptors leading to hundreds of nerve cells. The oils can be inhaled by putting droplets on a tissue, or through their Nasal Inhaler- a smart pocket-sized device which I’ve been carrying whilst on the move. I’ve been using their Lights Out formula which aids insomnia with vetiver, sweet marjoram and clary sage, creating warmth and comfort for a restful sleep at bedtime. Power Through has been helping replenish my muscles after exercise with a blend of ginger, lavender and turmeric. Using natural oils in my bath and in an oil burner has always been part of my general wellbeing, especially during Winter- however I am very new to the benefits of aromatherapy. Exploring the beauty of oil inhalation with Trelonk has been a special and mindful journey, and I look forward to incorporating aromatherapy into my long-term self care routine.

Instant Magic Oracle: Guidance to all of life’s questions from your higher self- book by Semra Haksever
Raw Turmeric Vitamin C and D3 turmeric shots by The Turmeric Co

It can be fun to ignite all of the senses in Winter, and as well as oils I love to play with scent in perfume. I have been enjoying the poetic notes of Excentrique Moi, a perfume by cruelty-free and sustainable brand Art de Parfum. This pleasurable scent, and is all at once fresh and light with lemon notes, with smoky and woody undertones of cedar. This perfume is a joy to wear, and feels like the perfect punctuation for this dark and Wintry time of year.

Over in my home, Olive soap by Savon de Marseille has become my best friend to use in the kitchen. This robust block of natural soap smells divine, and is made of a biodegradable formula of natural glycerine and suitably harvested olive oil from Provence. The soap has a really earthy and natural texture, and leaves my hands feeling very soft (I’m told that’s thanks to the hydrating glycerine). The beauty of this soap is that it’s multi-purpose, and can be used for cleaning delicate laundry and floors as well as hands. My new favourite staple as it last so long too.

For guidance, I have been enjoying tapping into Instant Magic Oracle by Semra Haksever. This oracle book is full of stunning illustrations and words outlining wisdom and everyday guidance. It feels like a pack of oracle cards neatly packed into one book, and I love having it close at hand on my shelf to help me with any questions I’m searching for in my life.

I hope you look after yourself this Winter and that you are able to give your body the relaxation and rest it needs.