Natural Living- body and bath

The most nourishing way to wind down after a long day in the sun is to have a soothing bath. I love to boost my circulation with Sanctuary Spa White Lily & Damask Rose Himalayan Salt Scrub before I get out. I use this scrub when my skin feels tired and dull as it really revives the body, clears away dead skin celles and allows the skin to glow. I adore the beautiful and light fragrance thanks to the mineral-rich combination of ingredients it contains such as Himalayan salts, sweet almond oil, vitamin E and kaolin clay.

I follow my bath with Greek brand Kέᾰρ’s body balm which has ingredients sourced from local farms. My current favourite is their Arnica herbal Treatment which contains a blend of arnica, olive oil, beeswax and orange essential oil. I love to use products that don’t rely on artificial, synthetic chemicals or toxic ingredients, and as frequent readers might note- I have a zero tolerance on animal testing. Their balm really locks in the moisture after a bath and my skin is left feeling very hydrated along with a beautiful natural fragrance. I was initially drawn in by κέᾰρ (which is the Greek word for the heart), due to the care and attention that goes into the whole brand, where they draw inspiration and techniques from Ancient Greek beauty formulas. I also recommend their Calm Revive Arnica Body Oil which I use on a more daily basis as it’s less heavy than a moisturiser. It’s also designed to help revive tired muscles, and I can’t wait to use this the next time I do self massage.

Love Soaps by Ben & Anna, Calm Revive Arnica Body Oil and Arnica Herbal Treatment Body Balm by Kέᾰρ’

Coming across Ben & Anna’s Love Soaps range felt like finding a diamond in the rough, as their fully natural range of haircare bars do not over-lather or have a synthetic scent. Their range consists of attractive little eco soaps that come in recyclable packaging, perfect to have in the bathroom for those who long for lasting products and environmentally friendly haircare. I have been using their Oriental Magic Shower & Shampoo Kombi which has the enticing scent of honey and made with cocoa butter. The Very Berry Hair Conditioner also gave my hair a silky smooth result (thanks to ricinus oil), giving a big amount of nourishment in one small product.

I first came across the ancient Ayurvedic practice of tongue-scraping during my time in Kerela, where a doctor advised me to use a curved metal object to slide over the tongue each morning. There is a myriad of benefits to scraping the tongue, which extend far beyond mouth health, to the gut, digestion, appetite and general wellbeing. The scraping involves removing the layer of coating from the tongue which clears bacteria and toxins. It also resets the body and prepares it for rest. Brushd have a very neat eco-friendly and reusable Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper which I use regularly. It’s compact and easy to use and travel with, and has fast become a big part of my morning self care routine.

Shanti Formula

On a similar subject, I have been exploring Ayurvedic brand Shanti’s hair, skin and health formula which is taken as a drink. Their unique combination of medicinal ingredients are designed to help with strengthening the immune system, treat thinning hair, repairing damaged hair, anti-ageing, and increase energy, stamina and endurance. In a marketplace where many self care brands focus on external applications for these issues, Shanti is leading the charge with providing the body with benefits from the inside. Shanti is presented in beautiful packaging with an incense cone, and contains elements from India such as Bhringraj powder and Ashwagandha to help boost natural collagen, stabilise blood sugar levels, support the digestive system and more. As well as being a delicious drink, the Shanti formula does feel like an entire experience in itself which I have made as part of my personal mindful practice.

Main image: Sanctuary Spa White Lily & Damask Rose Himalayan Salt Scrub and Brushd Tongue Scraper