“What’s Going On?”- Marvin Gaye.

George Floyd lies atop a pyramid of bodies so high that we’re no longer able to see the sky. It’s a blackout. It was one body too many when this started, but after centuries of systematic oppression the people got tired, felt heavy, and this is the straw that broke their backs. We now shout louder for answers and justice, and will do until the sky falls down.

What is strength?

Today I saw a woman of colour who looked close to 80 years old- her age and fragility did not stop her from attending a protest on her own and during a pandemic. A better society isn’t even going to benefit her life in the decades to come but she still commits. Testament to never stop believing in the cause, never stop trying and never stop thinking about the lives of other people. “Let faith drive the wheel, even if fear is in the backseat”- Bishop T.D. Jakes urges us.

“Save The Children”- Marvin Gaye.

Growing up in a predominantly white area, I never once was taught black history in school or had any black teachers. If we are not appointing our children role models to teach them, or sharing books/ films/ culture where the poc is the hero/ writer/ actor/ lead protagonist with them, then we are contributing to a 2D culture where poc are always the ‘other’. Save The Children means protecting children of colour, but today I take use this as saving the minds of the young.

Leadership in action

J. Ivy was talking about all of us when he wrote “I’m not a miracle, I’m a heaven-sent instrument”. We are alive therefore we are DIVINE. Conversations will be difficult, but it’s through the damp and trenches of no mans’ land and the darkest night of your soul that we’ll find healing and enlightenment. We can all be leaders, citizenship starts in the heart and flows through homes and families, you just have to step into the shoes. Elect yourself. No one is perfect, we’re going to make mistakes. Today the black community and our allies spoke from the heart, in celebration, in power to the people. Let this song go on….

Thank you to Black Lives Matter for organising us, and allowing space for human spirit and raw emotions (see John Boyega’s speech) to flow freely on the day. And thank you for ensuring the safety and health of all protesters today. Lastly, thank you for helping us to continue to dream in colour.

Time to dismantle. By any means necessary.

– Inspired by various thought leaders and in memory of George Floyd, I journal following the Black Lives Matter march on Wednesday 3rd June 2020 in Hyde Park, London UK.

Note: this article is from an archived version of Higher Self- pre 2021

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