As Summer begins to close, I have been moving gently into thinking about the Autumn months ahead and how best to support my body during this transition. Boosting my immunity has been the core thinking recently and tuning into long walks and natural supplements to provide this. I have been using Lumity supplements, which are packed with nutrients that boost health and strengthen the immune system to help fight off illness. Their Morning and Night Female supplements contain a combination of ingredients such as Omega, Vitamins A, C and D, Zinc and Curucumin which are designed to ensure peak health and immunity any time of day. With stylish glass packaging and a formula with benefits such as blood support, antioxidants and muscle repair, Lumity is the perfect addition to my diet ahead of the colder months.

Keeping ourselves, family and community safe has been of the utmost important for everyone at this time and wearing the right mask is a vital part of this. I have tried and tested a few types of masks, but found that many brands are not sustainable nor particular breathable making longer wears uncomfortable. Textile brand ISKO Vital™ + have designed The Supreme range- a sustainable, breathable and eco-friendly set of face covers that come in an array of pleasing colours both neutral and bold. I feel very safe when wearing one of their masks, they are comfortable and come with a thin nose wire, plus you can smell the cleanliness of the product right out of the pack as they use their trademark Sanitized antimicrobial material protection. 

For regular readers of my column, you will know that I am a full CBD convert. The natural compound and adaptogen is said to have benefits from easing period pain to giving an overall sense of calm. I have been incorporating it into my wellness regime for the past two years, and the CBD industry keeps growing (by 22% each year from 2020 to 2025 according to CAGR). I have enjoyed experimenting with different brands, and recently came across Our Remedy who are the first brand in the UK to combine CBD with peppermint & clary sage. These are two essential oils known for their natural healing power when it comes to female health- from soothing cramps to hormonal imbalances. With a fresh, light and minty taste, Our Remedy does stand apart from some CBD brands that have more of a neutral/ oily feel to them. It’s perfect to carry the compact bottle around in your bag to deal with any PMS along the way.

I am always here for independent, female-run businesses and Little Soap company run by founder Emma Heathcote-James have just launched their Eco Warrior Soap Dish which is made from renewable raw materials which is great for both home and travel use. It’s a great addition to my bathroom because it’s plastic-free, Vegan, sustainable (it’s even recyclable) plus it’s pretty robust. I would like to see more leading bathroom accessory brands who usually use plastic take note from Emma’s creations!

I’m currently smothering my dry, sun-parched body with Neal’s Yard Wild Rose body care range such as dry body oil, body polish, shower oil and body lotion. The entire range is made from sustainably sourced wild rosehips from the hillsides of rural Serbia, hand-picked by the local community surrounding the town of Svrljig providing work where unemployment is extremely high. The range creates a bouquet of beautiful, natural scent as soon as the bottle is opened, and the body lotion in particular feels very nourishing when used after bathtime.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen I’m cooking up more root veg dishes and re-evaluating what my body needs at the change of the season. I have finally got round to buying Bryant Terry’s Vegetable Kingdom, which celebrates African Diaspora and Asian food with recipes such as millet roux mushroom gumbo and brown-sugar-glazed turnips. I also got my hands on Vegan Hippie Sol by Dominique Williamson who lives in the American deep South. She has developed plant-based versions of classic earthy soul food dishes, like Southern Loaded Cheddar Grits and Coconut Creamed Corn.

This Summer (and much of the year) has been a difficult one for so many, emotionally, financially and health-wise. As we head towards Autumn, I hope you can lean into the small things that bring you joy and let go of the things that no longer serve you.

Note: this article is from an archived version of Higher Self- pre 2021