Jasmin Harsono is a conscious wellness leader who honours ancient practices and translates them to modern lifestyles with her work as a Reiki Master Teacher, Sonic Artist, Speaker, and Intuitive Wellbeing Guide. Based in London but sharing her work across the globe, Jasmin is a dedicates bringing connection to body, mind and spirit with her workshops, retreats and one-on-one treatment or guidance sessions. Further sharing her awareness of healing and positivity, Jasmin released Self Reiki– her debut illustrated book which guides the reader through self healing and learning. Here, Jasmin shares more about her journey, work and self care rituals.

Where is home for you?


I was born and raised in North West London, near to all my favourite green spaces Primrose Hill, Regents Park and Hampstead Heath.

Home also means heart; when I am grounded in my body and centred in my heart, I feel at home.

What can people expect from the world of Emerald + Tiger?

Emerald and Tiger is a conscious lifestyle brand promoting positive awareness through vibrant connection to body, mind and spirit. 

I offer one to one treatments, guidance, corporate and group workshops, creative consultancy and branding, event programming, wellness retreats and products.

How did you first begin your healing and sound journey?

I began my healing journey from a young age through writing and singing songs – I didn’t realise this at the time. Music is my place to go and return to over and over again to feel myself completely. 

Over the years, I have learnt the power of healing through sound, and there is nothing more that I love to do then show others the potential in it too. 

What inspires you the most about your offerings?

The knowledge, experience and tools that support me inspire the offerings that I share with my clients.  

What does self-care mean to you?

Self-care is living life with attention and intention. Being in flow with the mind, body and spirit; being grateful and kind to oneself and others. 

What are your favourite skincare and haircare rituals?

I love healing essential oils like clary sage and frankincense. I massage my face and hair, using my fingers tips or a guasha tool. To go a step further, I may look in the mirror and repeat affirmations like ‘I have the power and wisdom inside of me’ ‘I am enough’ or ‘today is going to be a beautiful day’.

Do you have any favourite beauty products/ natural remedies?

I like to use GoopBy SarahHerbivoreDe Mamiel and Botanics products. 

For clean beauty tips and recommendations, I go to the Van Zee Beauty website.

I love to make my face masks by using natural products that I may have in my fridge or store cupboard, things like avocado, turmeric and honey.

Do you incorporate any holistic practices into your self-care routine?

I have a varied practice that includes Reiki, sound and meditation. I love to move my body, dance and play my favourite songs. I also like to be silly and laugh, which is such nourishing medicine for the soul.

For more information, please visit the Emerald and Tiger website or connect on InstagramSelf Reiki is out now on DK. 

Note: this article is from an archived version of Higher Self- pre 2021