Jeanne de Kroon is founder of ZAZI Vintage, the luxury fashion label with a focus on sustainability and women’s economic and social independence. Take one glance at Jeanne’s Instagram and you will see a riot of colour from her gorgeous kaftan, coats and tunics she designs and vignettes from stunning locations in the backdrop – it’s a travel diary of sorts but this globe-trotting plays an important part in Jeanne’s business.

Jeanne began her business as a start-up in Germany, but it reached new heights when it was crowned the fastest growing ethical luxury fashion company in the country. Zazi fashion is made by women empowering NGO’s worldwide and now they’ve employed over 100 amazing ladies in small villages across Central Asia, Afghanistan and India. Using the proceeds to fund an Education Project and Women’s​ Health Clinic in Rajasthan, India. Here we meet the founder behind this inspirational and sustainable fashion brand and discuss more of her inspirations and future plans.

Where is home for you, and what does it mean to you?

I have been a ‘nomad’ since I was 14, so from an early age I learned that home had to be a place within yourself from which you can explore the world. In the end all the possessions and ideas of home and security that we have are fictitious. The real home you’ll always have is your body and your mind. This is where self love comes in.

How did you first get inspired to actually get out there and design clothes?

My mother used to be a fashion journalist and my dad made movies about the magic of Dutch light in 17th century paintings, meaning I was brought up in a very chaotic and creative household. I remember my parents gave me a sewing machine and a minimum amount of pocket money during puberty so I had to figure it out for myself. I would either find clothing at old vintage shops or make dresses out of my mothers curtains to wear to school proms.

Describe Zazi Vintage in one sentence:

Connecting worlds through storytelling about liveable luxury. 

What does your typical week look like?

I often have a hectic travel schedule, so my week could range from being in Afghanistan with the UN on Monday, Paris for fashion week on Tuesday and back in Berlin by Friday to be in the office and head to the countryside for a plant medicine ceremony for the weekend. Right now, my biggest challenge is to keep my body and my soul nourished along the way. To make sure I don’t fall into the trap of unconscious eating and being while being in the rollercoaster of life. I have managed to build in an hour for myself every morning and evening where I practice my self love routine. 

What are your favourite Autumn rituals?

I love rituals! One of my important rituals is to ground into nature every time we change seasons or I move places, this can mean walking barefoot in the parks while the leaves fall down or thanking the trees for their efforts in summer. Cooking is an equal important ritual for me and colder months are the perfect opportunity to get back in the kitchen.

What does the concept of self care mean to you?

Everything. You will always be the centre of your own universe and the relationship that you have towards your own body and soul will set the foundation for everything you do and touch in life. It will form your ideals, your ability to relate to the world, your skill set for life. Life starts with the exploration of self and reality forms itself according to that. 

What are your favourite skincare and hair care regimes?

For my skin I try to be as vegan as possible as it doesn’t really matter what I put on it but if I drink and eat vegan wholesome food, it really shines. Hair-wise, I love minimal shampooing and when I do wash my hair once a week, I love using natural products which I buy from at Content Beauty whenever I am in London. 

Do you work with any other holistic practices for your health and wellbeing?

I love trying everything! My favourites are reiki based meditations, crystal baths for sound healing, plant medicine ceremonies (Ayahuasca, Kambo etc) and eating all the special Reishi/ cordyceps wonder mushroom helpers on a daily base. I used to be a yoga teacher, so I self-practice Ashtanga as much as I can. I also give a daily meditation to my team whenever I am at the office.

What has been the most inspiring or favourite thing that you did last year?

I think the most inspiring thing I did was deciding to sell all my belongings and fall in to that open space again where everything feels shaky and insecure. The foundation for transformation.

Note: this article is from an archived version of Higher Self- pre 2021