Sleep tracking and fitness updates have had an upgrade- welcome to the world where you can shop using your DNA and promises you control of your feelings with the touch of a button

*25th March*

In these increasingly uncertain times, we are being called to focus to our health and wellbeing more than ever before. We are constantly reminded about the benefits of basic self care; going to bed earlier, eating a healthier diet and exercising more, but what if technology could aid and help us along in the process?

A wave of both new and established technology brands are pioneering ways in which we can ‘hack’ ourselves to optimum health, tracking and monitoring our bodies using wearable tech. Redefining traditional health is at the forefront, as brands experiment with radical products; from headband devices that track the wearers mood, to wristbands that help the wearer make suitable food choices at the supermarket by monitoring their DNA data.

Read on to see what tech brands are leading the charge:


Style and functionality combine at Bellabeat HQ, where their line of wellness trackers seamlessly integrate into jewellery pieces for women. Their bracelets, watches and necklaces encase a device that tracks activity, sleep, stress, meditation and reproductive health using invisible technology. This means the wearer won’t be disturbed by any screens or buttons, so for those looking for something more discreet to when it comes to wearable tech, Bellabeat are a firm choice. Their products are also shower safe and water resistant, and compromise of wood and hypoallergenic stainless steel.

Leaf Urban by Bellabeat


Ever got completely distracted during meditation? Canadian company Muse have created brain sensing headbands that can help you get back on track, bringing your attention and focus back to your breath. The device uses brain interpreting technology called electroencephalogram (EEG), a series of7 finely calibrated sensors that detect and measure the activity of your brain. The lightweight headbands link straight to the Muse App which charts your data and progress from your meditations.

Muse S by Muse


Scanning complicated ingredients lists might be a thing of the past, thanks to DNANudge’s DNABand. This is a wristband that can guide you to make healthier choices based on your personal DNA. It requires a one-time cheek swab test that takes around an hour, where the results are digitised onto the DNA App which links through to the DNABand. From there, wearers can scan products using their band, which flashes green for ‘yes’ and red for ‘no’. Like other wellness trackers, DNABand monitors inactivity, flashing amber to let the wearer know when they have been sitting down for too long.

DNABand by DNANudge


Inspired by mental health wellness, the Moodbeam wristband allows the user to harness self reflection and help them to better understand their mood. Technology prompts the wearer to check in on their mood, logging the data, collecting sleep and activity along the way. Their mission is to help people work out what triggers them and better define their mood in a detailed format.

Moodbeam One by Moodbeam


We’ve talked about monitoring your feelings, but how about controlling them? Startup Hapbee promise their users the ability to control their feelings and experience different sensations using their unique technology. Users can choose a ‘feeling’ (there are six so far- Happy, Alert, Desire, Relaxed, Calm and Sleepy) and the device emits safe, low energy magnetic signals through a wearable headband device. The wearer can choose ‘play’ these feelings at any time using by using the accompanying app, and return to their normal baseline state within a matter of minutes. There is bound to be a debate about the moral aspect of this product and how far tech needs to go, but see for yourself by checking out their website.

Hapbee website

This article is not intended to provide medical advice, for which you should always consult your doctor or health practitioner.

Note: this article is from an archived version of Higher Self- pre 2021