When it comes to choosing the fragrance, I used to spray the tester perfume onto my wrist, see if the bottle was pretty and take it from there. These days, I tend to look for other aspects in my products so I can ensure the brand I am buying from is not harming the environment. It’s sometimes worth an extra dig to find those brands who abide by a more sustainable ethos as well as a beautiful scent. 

Meet Aqua dos Açores, one of the most interesting brands to watch in eco-friendly unisex Fragrances and home fragrances inspired by the Azores archipelago and all it’s biodiversity. Their range is made from natural and botanical ingredients that are free from parabens, silicone and petroleum products, as well as being Vegan and cruelty-free. They use recyclable glass and completely biodegradable and recyclable packaging.

As for the scent, the Aqua dos Açores range really takes you on a sensory journey through the flora and fauna of the Azores. Creating unique and interesting fragrances for a universal appeal in the unisex market comes second nature to this brand. Their Azul eau de parfum oozes with marine notes, bergamot, jasmine, sage and wood. Flores is a muskier scent that glides through more floral notes including gardenia, orange blossom and natural extract of Tuberose, Ylang Ylang, Neroli and more. Tinto is a warm and cosy home fragrance, with a wintry blend of pomegranate and damask rose. Branco home fragrance is a light as a sea breeze with notes of white wine, lemon and rum. 

There is something so assuring about using perfume from a brand that also has sustainability as well as scent as the focus, and Aqua dos Açores is a brand that is paving the way for more to follow. 

Note: this article is from an archived version of Higher Self- pre 2021