When the temperatures soar during the Summer months, I always look for natural ways to hydrate my hair, skin and body. My outfits go through repeats of cotton and linen, and stay away from the clothes iron. I transition fully to hippy mode and wear my hair natural and curly. My water bottle sits next to me all day as I refresh it with mint, oranges and grapefruit. It’s with this U-turn to becoming more minimal that I start to rely on the bounty of nature in my beauty cupboard.

I have tried many natural deodorants over the years but I’m currently enjoying The Natural Deodrant Co Clean Deodorant Balm Lemon and Geranium which is mainly glass packaging. It is refreshing to use a gorgeous smooth balm over spray, plus it means I’m not having to stand with my arms in the air whilst it dries. It just feels kinder to the body and you are left feeling nourished rather than dried-out like some sprays and aerosols do.

I’ve been going mainly make-up free during daytimes, but I do take care to pat some By Sarah Organic Facial Oil lightly onto my face. For evenings out, MADAME LA LA’s Bronzing Ball has been a handy and neat addition to my handbag. The product is Vegan and infused with Vitamin E and Coconut Water hydrating properties, and I have been sweeping it’s glorious strobe tones across my cheekbones just using my fingers. I don’t usually wear nail colour, but I was first in line for all-natural and Vegan brand Cienna Rose’s Enriched Nail Laqueur The Fuschia is Bright and Crush on Blue, which provided a brilliant pop of colour for my nails on my recent trip to Ibiza. Extremely fragrant cooling, I have been enjoying keeping Jane Scrivner Skin Drink Frankincense Hydrating and Toning Mist in the fridge to bring my body temperature down in warm weather. Due to it’s organic rose and lavender hydrosols, it’s extremely fragrant and feels like a small luxury on hotter days.

Lani Tropical Night Serum has been really supporting my skin at night as it contains replenishing ingredients such as dusk blooming jasmine, passionfruit oil and olive squalane. I love oils where a little goes a long way, and I can see this bottle lasting me a long time plus it smells wonderful. Lani also have a Tropical Cacao Detox Mask which is coconut milk and clay-based and leaves my skin feeling radiant after a warm weekend on the beach. Lani is fast becoming one of my favourite Vegan beauty brands as they donate a percentage of their profits on each product to a different charity each month and the packaging is glass rather than plastic. The ethos of Lani just feels like a modern way to do beauty. Another little beauty hack during beach visits is to sit in the shallows and scrub the sun and small broken shells into your skin for a natural exfoliant. It left my skin feeling radiant and soft on my Ibiza trip at Cala Tarida.

Afrocenchix Smooth Natural Moisturising Cream is something I picked up in a rush when I noticed my curls becoming bulky and frizzy in the heat. I was drawn in by the no-paraben, Vegan, cruelty-free, natural and sustainably-produced hair care labelling. After reading up on the company, I was delighted to see that the company was a startup from two women Joycelyn and Rachael Corson from East London. They started the business when they were 18 after they noticed a huge gap in natural afro haircare products in the mass market. My hair has been kept smooth in the city and the beach so far, so as well as being a Summer hair hack, Arfocenchix is going to be a firm fixture in my self care routine all year long.

I have been adding some ZENii Vitality Superfoods Organic Blend to my avocado and nut milk smoothies this Summer. It’s a Vegan, dairy free and non GMO blend that contains a host of organic superfoods from Spirulina to Flaxseed founded by leading aesthetic and skin experts Dr Johanna Ward. So far my energy levels have been up on this, and as a non-coffee drink it’s great to get a natural boost in the mornings without cacao. When cooking up quick dishes on Summer days, I’ve been using natural sauces from Belly Goodness. Their tasty sauces contain no yeast, gluten, daily, garlic, onion and tomato or added sugar so are perfect for those who suffer with allergens, and for me it means I don’t feel bloated after a meal. I have been enjoying their Nomato Sauce with risotto and pasta, and the Chilli Sauces are a great base for curries.

Wunder Workshop Golden Spirit Tea is made from a healing concoction of Tulsi (Holy Basil), turmeric, soursop and moringa, andhelps me maintain me a balanced outlook during busy afternoons at work. Like all their amazing products the ingredients are ethically-sourced and. Lately, I’ve been taking it like I would a cold infusion and it’s really refreshing.

Everyone who follows Higher Self Care Instagram may know that I am a potion lover, and there’s nothing I love more than trying out new elixirs in the kitchen. Natalia Botanicals Goal Digger for cognitive function is brilliant with some oat milk and I’m already researching some recipes to add this to some cookies. The whole brand is based on ancient knowledge with a modern twist, which started when founder Natalia discovered a 100 year old family-kept Ayurvedic Book handwritten by her Grandmother. This elixir contains organic Cordyceps, Schisandra Berry, Ashwaganda, Lion’s Mane, Brahmi and Moringa, so many healing benefits for mind, body and soul. For those following my Instagram Stories, you’ll already know I test-drove their Love Potion with a little Matcha and it was a wonderful result to warm the heart chakra. These drinks have been helping me add some mindfulness to my day, as well as something lighter than my usual morning cacao.

Speaking of adaptogens, I’ve heard lots of hype over After Midnight’s first ever product SCREAM– a CBD infused intimate oil that contains CBD, Organic Coconut Oil and Sweet Almond Oil. CBD-infused lubes are said to reduce pain and anxiety during sex, increase arousal and the intensity of orgasm, make men last longer and women orgasm quicker, plus alleviate post-sex soreness according to this Refinery29 article. The oil is Vegan, cruelty-free and comes in a stylish and discreet black bottle, I can’t see what’s not to like about that!

Now time to take a moment out in nature, swimming in the sea wherever I am in the world, walking barefoot in the grass and spending long evenings in the park reading a book. Wishing everyone a glorious and relaxing rest of the Summer season.

Note: this article is from an archived version of Higher Self- pre 2021