Spring Self Care Update

  • Stay indoors special *

17th March

After spending more and more time indoors this week, I’ve been leaning heavily onto my self care practices and rituals to support my wellbeing. At the same time, it has been important to me to stay updated and aware of global health news and uphold good hygiene to avoid the spread of infection.

The notion of self isolation isn’t a new one- indigenous people and ancient practices have been doing this for centuries- so as modern humans I fully believe this it is possible to learn how to adapt. Walking my dogs, practicing the piano (I’m learning), cleaning the house, calling my older relatives and cooking homemade food has been such a recent pleasure. A form of going inside, to sit inside the warmth of your home as well as the interior of your self. It is worth remembering that it is a total privilege to be able do these things and acknowledge that lots of people and communities are struggling with their health or finances at this difficult time.

Small practices and moments of gratitude really help to create balance. A simple bath ritual is currently helping to ground my energy and relax aching muscles. I’ve been enjoying Elysium Wellbeing Pink Himalayan salts and a drop of lavender oil at the moment, or an Oat Soak– who’s product is an amazing addition to my bath, bringing balance and adding smoothness to my skin. Oat Soak is also known to help with inflammation and other itchy skin problems which sounds perfect for this change in the seasons.

Top: Biovene conditioner bar and Psychic Sisters Aura Spray. Above: Elysium Oxted bath salts
Having dropped out of my yoga classes for now, I’ve started to enjoy yoga at home for the first time. Even taking some breathes to sit in silence and have some stretches before bed is such an easy ritual. I often start with a spritz of Psychic Sisters’ Abundance Mist (made of a heady mix of lavender and peppermint), which adds to the simple beauty of yoga ritual.

I always keep Vermont Soap’s Yoga Mat Cleaner from Live in the Light (my go-to boutique for all my favourite global products with UK shipping) on hand to dust the cobwebs off my mat. It smells like heaven thanks to it’s 100% natural and organic ingredients such as orange, lavender and pine oil, aloe, cinnamon and oatmeal. It’s now such a great feeling to step onto my mat and drop into my practice.

Vermont Soap Yoga Mat Cleaner from Live in the Light
My hair routine has been led by beautiful products in dinky little boxes; take My.Haircare for example who are leading the charge with their eco-friendly Vegan Rescue My Hair shampoo bars with friendly ingredients. I usually reserve them for travel, but they’re great just to keep next to the soap dish in the shower at home. Biovene also have a snappy sized argan oil and mint hair solid conditioner bar, which means my hair is left zingy and fresh. Their bottles last just as long as 1.5 bottles of conditioner.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen Together has been a welcome addition to my supplement plan, which I have simplified it to just the basics I need to support my nervous system. Together have a range of nature-based vitamins and supplements that are super easy to absorb and that adhere to organice guidelines, plus they’re pesticide-free. In their recyclable packaging they are a fantastic option for those seeking out supplements that are fully eco.

NB: please note that the above article contains some simple self care to enjoy at home. This information is not intended to be taken in place of a health practitioner, GP or the health authorities.

Note: this article is from an archived version of Higher Self- pre 2021