Redefining traditional health at the touch of a button is at the forefront of todays’ tech brands, and sensory activations are in demand. From post-workout recovery tools that communicate with your muscles to LED light therapy panels for cellular replenishment, the tech wellness industry is riding a wave of the moment where anything is possible. Here we explore some revolutionary products hot on the tails of the sensory trend.

Experience Energy Waves

Looking like a cross between a blender and a prop from Dr Who, the neon lit BioCharger™ promises more than just a colourful light show. Designed to bathe the user in “subtle energies that stimulate, and invigorate the entire body and mind”, the product uses four naturally occurring energies – Light, Voltage, Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields (PEMFs), and Frequencies and Harmonics and has already amassed a fanbase of Biohackers and global wellness centres. 

The creator Advanced Biotechnologies claims that the product can give the user a whole list of benefits including cell alignment, focus, better sleep, energy, fitness recovery, flexibility, general performance and more. The BioCharger™ can be used solo or in small groups, users simply just sit back and let the healing energy waves wash across them. This could well be a digital product to enhance performance in your next yoga or meditation class.

Recovery Massage Revolution

A piece of hardware that look like a futuristic DIY tool, Hyperice’s Hypervolt is both a stylish and serious contender for post-workout care. It can be used to activate, soothe, or loosen muscles using pressure sensors that give visual feedback throughout the massage process. The tool loosens muscles, improves range of motion and circulation, and accelerates warmup and recovery. At first glance, this seems like a gadget that could be very noisy, however it promises quiet and lightweight design which is perfect for discreet aftercare at the gym.

Turn on the Red Light

Infared saunas have been steadily growing in popularity at studios and spas, but red light therapy is the next level in pioneering technology without the sweat. The light delivers concentrated natural light to your skin and cells from a panelled surface, which is said to provide a range of health benefits including improving energy within cells, reducing inflammation and general wellbeing.


With brands like Joovv who have pioneered a range of stylish light panels, NovoTHOR®, who specialise in full-body light machines for 360 absorption and beauty brands like Angela Caglia and Dr Dennis Gross Skincare experimenting with LED light facial masks, the future looks bright with possibilities for this exciting technology.

Sleep Robots

Would you like to sleep next to a robot that regulates your blood pressure and heart rate? Somnox Sleep Robot claims to do exactly that, with intelligent technology that synchronises your breathing rhythms. Shaped to be ‘cuddled’ like a pillow without any discomfort, the robot could well revolutionise the idea of better sleep- promising users they will get to sleep quicker and wake up feeling refreshed. The Sleep Robot can be synced to an App where users can control their sleeping settings.

This article is not intended to provide medical advice, for which you should always consult your doctor or health practitioner.

Note: this article is from an archived version of Higher Self- pre 2021