Refocus- new intentions for the (halfway) new year

There comes a time in your life when you plan something special without even meaning to or knowing exactly why you did. After having entirely separate conversations with 3 unrelated friends based in London and Paris about taking a trip, suddenly flights and accommodation were booked and we were on our way to Ibiza. Taking time out from our busy professional city lives, our days suddenly revolved around eating piles of tomatoes and olive oil, bathing under the scorching sun and swimming in the turquoise sea with fish.

Ibiza is the land of long days, clear seas in a land that lies (as folklore goes) a bed of Rose Quartz. Local people show their gratitude for the sun by applauding when it goes down. Home to the rock of Es Vedrà; said to once be a home to sirens and mermaids, and the third most magnetic spot on earth and the entrance to the underwater world of Atlantis.

One evening, we planned to reach the beach that faces the rock and watch the sunset but the universe had it’s own ideas and suddenly we were running late, arriving in the dark to a silent beach and. 4 became 5 as my friend who lives on the island joined us.

As we sat on the beach under the moon, we realised that we represented the Four Elements of Water, Air, Fire and Earth between each of our sun signs. We protected ourselves with the Four Corners of the Diwali tradition with candles and stones. There was clearly a magnetic energy in the air; phone signal wasn’t good. We couldn’t take photos of each other despite a clear night sky; the camera just showed the subject as a blurry morphing shape. One of us looked at their phone at 23:23.

Half way through the year is a fantastic time to set new intentions or and refocus on ones you may have made at the turn of the New Year. As the moon gathered it’s weight ahead of becoming full, we shared our deepest intentions for the rest of the year before whispering them into the stones and casting them into the warm ocean. Casting intentions into nature has been a long-term practice for me, and a chance to get quiet with the peace around me.

The almost-Full Moon after a sunset dinner at Hostal De La Torre

Since then, my dreams have been emotional and intense and the universe has been giving me clearer signs as I am listening. When I woke up from one dream, it gave me a feeling that I need to give up alcohol to become aligned with my highest self. I’ve never been a huge drinker, but I am so far paying heed to that for a bit to see how things unfold for me.

As I look back on this wonderful trip that fell into place so very randomly, I know that there was deeper alchemy at play to gather us women on the beach that night and I’m so glad it did.

Note: this article is from an archived version of Higher Self- pre 2021

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