Have you ever wondered what all the lines on your hand might mean for your soul path? Pav Chahal of Palmystery intuitively reads into the mysteries that lie within the palm of our hand, an intensive and magnified study that- as well as the lines on the palm- involves looking at the hand shape and finger length, and all its aspects right down to the nail bed. Pav joins us here her view on palm study as a form of getting to know ourselves better.

Our OUTER REACHES series explores some of the most mysterious and unique practices for self discovery and healing. Read on for our second instalment of the series.

Where is home for you?

Home truly is where the heart is. I really can’t say it’s always in one place… home is wherever I am happy.

What can people expect from your offerings?

Palmistry was introduced to me as a child, so I have seen so many hands, read the old books, and have built my own understanding of lines, hands, energies and people. My approach is very much grounded from experience and intuition. I’m not simply “fortune telling”, though that is an aspect of the readings, but I go beyond that, as life has many potentials and pathways. People can expect not just answers, but insights as to why. Which then puts the power back in their lives. Because it’s from that point we can make our own empowering choices.

How did you first discover your gift as a palm analyst? 

Over time, I have realised that my gift is that of intuition; picking up on energies and being aware of that. Yet the ancient tool of palmistry was introduced to me by my school teacher when I was 11 years old (as a means to keep me occupied for 2 weeks, while the rest of the class finished the subject that we were studying). I ended up being curious and managed to find out a few things about family and friends just via their hands and it started from there.

What excites/ inspires you the most about the palm? 

The fact that even though the hand lines appear to be set in stone when they are actually not. Lines change over the years (and the combination of the various lines have their own meaning) and hence what truly excites me is assisting an individual to find out about their authentic self, and how they can (continue to) evolve to reach their goals.  Sometimes I see clear predictions and other times- many doors. It’s for this reason that I don’t have a specific reading style – it’s unique and personalised for each individual.  

What does self care mean to you?

For me it is ‘taking care of the self’- the mind, body and spirit. This then trickles down to what we are feeding each of these areas to help them nourish and grow. As souls we are always evolving and growing. The mind needs relaxation and meditation, the body needs exercise and food and this finally feeds the spirit and soul. 

Favourite health care rituals: 

Skincare is my ritual before bed. Cleansing and toning the skin, to allow it to breath at night. I do have a hair mask that I use from time to time to help nourish the hair. 

Do you have any favourite beauty products/ natural remedies? 

I don’t have any particular favourites because they change so much. I do love Boots No.7 range, though recently I have been leaning more towards products that do not contain chemicals. I will transition over in time.

Do you incorporate any holistic practices into your self care routine? 

In recent years I have added a morning exercise regime to my life. I never realised how grounding that is for me. Yet as a fire hand shape I can see how it balances me, and in fact I’ve gotten some great ideas during the time I exercise. I also try and incorporate relaxing the mind and deep breathing (though it’s not built in a routine like the exercise is). Being around natural earth elements also feeds and balances me. 

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Note: this article is from an archived version of Higher Self- pre 2021