Have you ever wanted to know where your true authentic soul path lies in the world, or what country you are best launching your new business idea in? Welcome to “Locational Astrocartography” which has all the answers. As part of our new OUTER REACHES series, specialist Alexandra Clark of Astro/Carto joins us to discuss her approach to helping her clients find more about themselves through the placement of their planets at the time they were born. It’s a big wide universe, and somewhere in it is the unique story of you…

What is Astrocartography and how can we learn to harness this knowledge in our lives?

Astrocartography is the practice of projecting your natal chart on a world map. From this information, we can see which cities around the world hold a special energy. Created by Jim Lewis in the 1970s, it was originally used to study geopolitics and international relations. As Lewis developed his mapping system, he discovered that much more could be determined from knowing exactly which areas of the world the planets were located at birth. Having this knowledge can explain why someone may feel called to visit or interact with a part of the world, even if they’ve never visited. It can show where love, career success, and community can be formed. Most importantly, I think it bolsters our own belief in ourselves, our individual paths, and why we feel intuitively pulled to the places we move and visit.

To harness the power of your map, you do not need to travel or up and move your family. Start small by seeing if there are certain regions that call to you culturally. Do you love the food? Does the music make you feel a certain way? How about the people in your life? Who are your closest contacts and where are they from? Are they teaching you something about the world or yourself? By taking a look at the small clues, you can get just as much value. For example, if you’re living near a planet line that requires you to engage in the community, give back, and connect with others. Yet, this isn’t an aspect of your day to day, something is going to feel majorly out of flow. Knowing this and implementing could change your experiences, relationships, and perspective without leaving home.

How did you first become aware of this practice and what made you dive in?

I first heard of locational astrology while I was in school for Chinese Medicine. I had a professor who studied Lewis’ mapping methods. One day during class he casually referred to AstroCartoGraphy as “Feng Shui for Travel” and suggested that if anyone was interested, he had a friend teaching a seminar. From that point on I was hooked. I had always known that I was drawn to visit certain places before big life events happened, but I never had the language or system to understand that pattern. Once I started seeing the relationship between people’s lives and maps, I became certain I wanted to pursue locational astrology in a bigger way.

What are the main lines that we can out for in our charts?

First thing to do when looking at your map is to reflect on where you are, and where you’d like to be going. Before a call I always ask my clients to give me some insight on what their current goals or intentions are, then we zero in on spots that are supportive for that. So for example, if you’re looking to slow down, nest, potentially start a family, the Moon line is a good start. This is also a place where we have a deep emotional connection to the land and community we meet there. If you’re in a moment in life where you are ready to aggressively tackle some big goals then you want fast, strong energy to support you. Check out Sun, Mars, or Jupiter.

Just as a horoscope is only a small part of astrology, giving a blanket statement on which lines are best can be limiting. If you are looking at your map online, and feel discouraged or turned off by information you read, be aware that it’s general information and not unique to your planet placements! While Saturn and Pluto are often seen as difficult planets to live near, many personalities thrive in these places. It’s all unique to the person and the experiences they are needing in that moment. 

You have said that Venus line of creativityartsand pleasure runs through all of your favourite artists‘ hometownsWhat other significant or interesting discoveries have you made in your own chart?

So many discoveries! Almost all the places I’ve lived have had some planet connection that fully describes my experience there. Not only did I notice certain patterns within my own chart, but I started to see certain things show up across the board during readings. For example, I did an exchange program when I was 20 on my Mars line. Mars is the planet of being a pioneer, being bold, and asserting independence. Now I see this pattern show up all the time on client’s maps. Usually it’s when they move to a foreign country at a very young age, or study somewhere far from home. I also noticed some of my closest friends being from cities on my Moon line, which relates to emotional support and belonging. Not only are they on my moon line, but I’m on theirs!

Does your chart dictate where you live or work now

Yes. What’s so affirming about this practice is that you already intuitively know the right place for you. Even if that place is challenging, maybe you’re in a moment of life where you’re meant to stretch and grow. Then the map just confirms it. For me, that’s living on my Pluto line in Los Angeles. In the time I’ve lived in LA, I’ve been exposed to so many new ways of thinking and people. That exposure has allowed the themes of Pluto (transformation, death, new beginnings and introspection) to happen at a rate much faster than had I moved to another city. If I were to move, the next place I would go is to my Jupiter line in Northern California or to Texas which is neutral.

Does your chart affect the way you look after yourself or live your life?

It’s definitely made me more patient and appreciative of the rhythm of life. I now recognize there are so many different opportunities available to us, and it’s all about being present enough to notice them.

Thinking big heredo you feel Astrocartography could be beneficial to wider society?

Totally! As I answer these questions, I am sitting in Boston at the airport working on my laptop. I have had 3 people ask what I do after seeing my screen. I even did a mini reading on the spot for a man heading to a big business meeting in London. He wanted to know about opportunity, how this decision would affect his partners, and if it would be a viable place for his family to move. The majority of my clientele is unfamiliar with astrology and skeptic of ‘woo woo’ practices, but I love that! People from all backgrounds getting excited about my work proves these concepts are universal. We all want to feel more connected to each other and the world around us. Now with travel and technology more accessible than ever, we can really make it possible.

Astrocartography asidewhat other practices do you bring into your life routine?


My main practice is balancing the amount of time I give to my clients, with the time I can give to myself. I’m a morning person, and am fresh and ready to go as soon as I wake. Usually around 5:30 am. I tried having an elaborate morning routine because it seemed like there was value to it, but really it just slowed me down in my moment of clearest thinking. I like to wake up, meditate for 10-20 minutes, do a quick workout and then start seeing clients while I feel vibrant and energized. In the evening I enjoy unwinding with friends, going on a walk, making a great meal, reading, yoga and taking things slow. I am currently into doing something called future self journaling, that I discovered through Dr. Nicole LePera’s Instagram. She created a 30 day challenge to narrow down habits you’d like to change/improve as well as get more clarity around what you want. I highly suggest.

What are your favourite self care items?

I like to keep it simple with my routine, and prefer a minimal approach to all things. My friends make fun of me because I’m fanatical about bar soap. I’m currently trying to cut my plastic waste, so I’m constantly hunting for bar alternatives to my favourite natural beauty products. At the moment I’m I’m using a sea salt facial bar I picked up at Moon Juice in LA. I feel my best when I am consistent and I have realised that the things that make me feel great are not that hard to access. I drink 3 litres of water a day, I practice food combining 80% of the time, and I try to get 8 hours of sleep every night. The ultimate day of self-care would also include 30 minutes of sun.

What are your goals for your practice and business moving forwards?

My goal is to continue connecting with people on a one on one basis, while also looking for opportunities to share this knowledge in a bigger way. This year I started doing events, which has been a great way to start a conversation around how this work can impact so many different niches industries and communities. I’ve done events with tech offices, fashion brands, and hotels. Besides the private consultations and events, I’m working now on a project a new project that will be accessible to everyone. I’d like to use the knowledge I’ve gained through this work and the people I’ve met in the process as inspiration to those who are looking for more guidance but not sure where to go next.

Alexandra recommends Astroclick Travel’s free software on astro.com to view your personalised Astrocartography chart. 

For more information about Alexandra’s work, visit https://www.astrocarto.com/ and make a booking here.

Find Alexandra on Instagram.

Note: this article is from an archived version of Higher Self- pre 2021

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