Life is slow at the moment, but I have been craving this rest and growth period for a long time. Leisurely walks with my dogs have been on the cards recently, giving me a chance to reflect and let go of any stress gathered during the working day. I was lucky enough to find a friendly baby bird on my walk in Trent Park recently, who hopped along with us for a little while. Foraging for basic plants to add to pasta, pies and salads along the way, there has been nothing quite like this period in time for rest and restoration.

Tending to flowers in my garden has been such a great gift. The recent UK weather has left my roses quite dried out, so I am hoping the ones left hang on till the end of Summer. I have sown some forget-me-not, salvia and verbena in an empty patch. I have also hung out more bird feeders for the many West London ring-necked parakeets that frequent my garden daily. They are quite loud and stay from about 5am-9:30am so I often hear them as I wake up, then visit again around 7pm in the evening. It’s such a joy to see them swinging around enjoying their nuts whilst I eat my breakfast.

In terms of my beauty routine, I have been leaning on Jane Scrivner’s Overnight Recharge Balm recently, which is full of vitamins and goodness to replenish my skin. As well as sea buckthorn, mango butter, avocado butter and more fragrant ingredients, it contains a high potency neem oil for UV protection and elasticity restorative benefits. I have also been using for protection on cooler days, as I always find that the skin never knows what time it is.

BeYou really are a brand to watch in terms of healthy and natural products for your period, and I’ve also been using their menstrual cup. Up till now I have found it difficult to find the right cup for me, and this one suits me perfectly. If you haven’t yet tried a cup then I definitely recommend it as one of the most sustainable options for your period.

Biovene Barcelona have also proved their worth in my haircare routine too. I have kept my curls natural and loose this Summer, and occasionally tending to them with neem and castor oil to promote moisture and growth. Their Thermal Repair Hair Wrap Treatment with Lavender, camellia oil and panthenol is a much quicker way to treat my hair; it only takes 20 minutes and as it’s a mask, it washes out after.

In the kitchen, I have been trying to keep things simple, homemade and all led with the colourful and abundant veg that is in season right now. Heavier lunches and lighter dinners are suiting me right now to help me sleep better now the days have gotten longer. A favourite evening meal now is one diced vine tomato and cucumber with some seasoning, a corn tortilla and houmous. My favourite Summer pie filling is romano red peppers, spinach and onion (lightly fried in olive oil) with boiled sweet potato (mashed), – all diced up, placed in the pastry and baked in the oven.

It’s also been a great time to cleanse the home and body, and I’ve been taking my usual salt baths to purify my energy. The Native American method of mindfully cleansing the home using white sage is important to me, though this is something I always do sparingly and use my selenite in between bundles.

This Summer has been the slowest Sumer yet for some of us, and it is interesting to see what habits have been shaken and what interests have been cultivated. During this time, I’ve somehow remembered what my body is, what its limits are and how I need to care for it. The idea of coming back to the body- the vehicle that carries us- is a valuable lesson for us all. Wishing you a wonderful season.