A global lockdown has given us a time to think about all aspects of our lifestyle and how to improve them, from Spring cleaning the wardrobe to exercising at home. If the pressure to bake the perfect ‘lockdown banana bread’, learn DIY skills and take that yoga class live stream is exhausting you, then some introspection could be the route to make use of this new founded spare time.

Right now, Virtual workshops and course are in the limelight, easy to access and complete quicker than your previous commute to work. Here we roundup workshops from across the web from thought leaders, coaches, teachers and spiritual pioneers to help you uplevel areas of your life, from love and relationships, to creativity and abundance.

Never before has there been a time when have been directly encouraged to isolate. This gap in our busy schedules is giving us some juicy metaphorical permission to explore our inner selves. Get a notebook, put the kettle on and dive in.


On Purpose by GETLIT.INC

Triggering the idea of purpose, business mentor, empowerment coach and founder of the GETLIT.INC community Becki Rabin is helping women step into their power in their business.

Aimed specifically at those who are self employed, freelance, entrepreneurs, or those who wish to follow these routes, On Purpose is a masterclass about getting clear on what you want and how to pursue the most lofty of your biz ideals.

The course covers everything from what qualifications you might need for your dream career, finding meaning in your job or to position yourself as someone of influence. On Purpose is a cheerleader of a course that covers the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of our business and services, in order to find our true calling in these areas.

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Liminal Library by Holisticism

Content queen Michelle Pellizzon is founder of Holisticism, a buzzy content brand that mixes spirituality with grounded, accessible real talk. Holisticm has launched Liminal Library, a motherboard for a series of virtual wellness, well-being, and business workshops they’re hosting till May 2020 in response to COVID-19.

The series has 50+ workshops to choose from on the menu, covering subjects such as intuitive business development, self care and stress resilience. Their Intuitive Business School courses spotlights modern intuitive business subjects like ‘superpowering your WFH routine’, ‘goldmining your shadow’ and recession proofing skills.

If something more mystical is your penchant right now, then don’t miss their self Reiki workshop, Aries season astrology breakdown and presentation on how to make potions with purpose.

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A Love and Relationships Mini Course by Obsidian Moon Astrology

As we go inwards during lockdown, both physically and emotionally, you might be experiencing feelings about the outside world and how we cultivate our relationships.

Stepping into the virtual workshop frame is astrology and self care expert Jaliessa Sipress, who keeps her Instagram account abuzz with thought-provoking questions and inquisitive discussions, encouraging her community to share their stories in a safe space.

Jaliessa created A Love and Relationships Mini Course through her website and brand Obsidian Moon Astrology, which contains guidance on identifying your desires, and a map for getting clear on what you want for 100% self love, clarify and confidence.

Together with special guests Colin Bedell of Queer Cosmos, the course offers video content and worksheets to guide you through all aspects of your connection to love, desire and sex, whether you are single, dating or in a relationship.

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Self Quarantine Tools and Support by To Be Magnetic

There are so many schools of thought when it comes to manifesting what you most desire, from ‘thinking positive’ to vision boards. Feeling whole and getting the abundance you deserve without the new age rhetoric is leading manifestation advisor Lacy Phillips’ imprint on the subject.

Lacy founded the manifestation brand To Be Magnetic, which grew to a global community for those wanting to get to the core essence of their authentic selves to manifest effectively. Simply put, To Be Magnetic is a practical approach to co-creating with the universe to get what you want.

Their Self Quarantine Tools and Support course guides you to explore fear, lack and isolation during this time and how to develop trust out of these feelings, plus tips on how to stay balanced and grounded. There are journaling prompts, a podcast ‘minisode’ and Deep Imaginings (To Be Magnetic speak for DRE hypnosis) led by Lacy to go remove any blocks in your subconscious.

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Note: this article is from an archived version of Higher Self- pre 2021

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