Join Breathe Love and Higher Self on Sunday 21st June 2020, as we take the opportunity that Summer Solstice brings to create space, awareness and introspection on a virtual live session.

We will be guiding interactive journaling, introspection and ritual, and a sound bath lead by Jasmin Harsono of Emerald + Tiger.

Using a journal in a beta state, Tasha will lead a cleansing ritual:

  • A time to hold space for your personal journey, with all its joys and wounds
  • Shift perspectives and get ready for change in line with the seasonal shifts
  • Releasing ourselves from old patterns, letting go
  • Learning from the natural world to offer potential in our own lives

Jasmin will be leading a Reiki and sound meditation sharing crystal sound bowls, gong and intuitive vocals:

  • A time of stillness under the powerful energy of the New Moon in Cancer + Solar Eclipse
  • Creating space to awaken and embody our innate power and wisdom
  • Inviting the energy of the Sun to bring radiance to our whole being
  • A journey of returning home to our temple; body, heart and soul

Breathe love is a conscious creative collective part of Emerald x Tiger – a gathering of a difference. Awakened beings celebrating their creative energy and synergy with the element of oneness. Breathing love and sharing their power, wisdom, and passions within.

Tickets £7. This is a non profit event and proceeds will go to Black Lives Matter and The Grenfell Foundation.

Note: this article is from an archived version of Higher Self- pre 2021

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