Canna Culture X Higher Self Care Series. Visionary #38: Zoë Lind van’t Hof of Wunder Workshop

The Canna Culture X Higher Self Care interview series features some of the most influential people operating in the Cannabis and CBD industries. Over the course of this month we will be exploring how future-forward brands are navigating their businesses, shaking off the stigma and developing a new culture around health and lifestyle.

Today we meet Wunder Workshop, a London based brand who are all about the glow. That glow, is from the golden turmeric they infuse into in all their healing medicinal products such as their Reishi and Cordyceps blend Golden Shrooms and CBD Oil Plus. Set up by Zoë Lind van’t Hof and Tom Smale, the healing path of Ayurveda and sustainable faming is at the heart of Wunder Workshop, whilst they aim to promote and inspire changing attitudes to aiding health and curing diseases. Zoë discusses more about her own lifestyle and what led her down the path of creating products using Cannabis Oil.

When my mother passed away, I realised that I had always considered wherever she lived to be my home, which was Germany for the last few years. But it has been a bit of a search since she passed away to find that new feeling of home. I was born in Australia and grew up in Netherlands and Germany, but I have come to realise that home is purely based on a comforting and warm feeling. Currently, I feel very drawn to Mallorca as a warm and comforting island that I would like to consider as my home. So that’s what I am working towards. London has thrown me off a little, I am not feeling so at home here lately but that might change in the future again.

How would you describe your products?

A potent yet soothing synergy of two of nature’s most powerful plants. There is so much research on the anti-inflammatory benefits of both turmeric and CBD. Together they synergise into a beautifully potent wellness ritual. Our bodies have their own endocannabinoid system (which is just so fascinating) and therefore we are creating a product that already has a system in place to connect to it.

What are the top 3 that you personally enjoy from using/ consuming CBD?

I primarily use it for my severe period cramps, which have ceased since starting using my Turmeric x CBD oil over a year ago. Apart from that, it helps me sleep well and stay focussed throughout the day.

What first led you to embark on your journey into CBD products?

My late mother was using cannabis oil during her cancer treatment, and she never once experienced any pain even though her cancer had spread throughout her body. To every doctor’s surprise she didn’t need any morphine or other pain relief medication, which was a huge relieve to us all as that meant she didn’t have to deal with the side effects of pain killers on top of having to deal with her metastatic cancer.

A year after she passed away I started doing more research into CBD oil by itself as THC isn’t legal in the UK general market. CBD has its own array of health benefits and therefore I developed a Turmeric CBD product to harness as much as possible from combining these powerful plants. It would be great if THC becomes legal as it opens a lot more possibilities of using it for other illnesses and especially during cancer treatment.

How did you first become aware of the benefits of turmeric?

I had it throughout my childhood in my porridge and in curries for its general health benefits, but it wasn’t until I went to Sri Lanka in my late teens that I was taught about all it’s amazing properties. I became more and more fascinated by it.

What ethical practices do you include in your products?

We use one of the most sustainable farming techniques called Forest Gardening which means the organic herbs and spices that we use grow maintain the natural bio-diversity of the area they are planted. Our turmeric is grown protected by the shade of taller trees and nutrient rich soil that hasn’t been depleted as found in mono-culturing farming practices. We also reinvest 1% of our yearly revenue into community projects in Sri Lanka. This year we are working with Amma Sri Lanka which is a social enterprise employing and training mothers in the art of natural dye and textile skills.

What key learnings or challenges have you undertaken since you launched into the cannabis oil industry?

It is still in such a grey area, as there isn’t a concrete legislation on it and it keeps changing. Which on one hand keeps it very exciting but can also be challenging as for example our online shop has recently been closed as Stripe and PayPal don’t process payments for CBD oil. Also, the industry is still very new and finding trustworthy people and sources took a while.

If you could give one message to governments who havent legalised medicinal cannabis yet, what would it be?

Very simply to look at the evidence.

What does the concept of self care mean to you?

Really tuning in with yourself and listening to what you want to do or need, not doing what you feel obliged to do or what is expected of you. Whether that is saying no to going out or taking a warm salt bath or just going to yoga. Or even just having a cup of tea and some chocolate, if that is what fulfils something in that moment, I believe it’s caring for yourself.

What are your favourite skincare and hair care regimes?

All the products I use are natural and I love using as few ingredients as possible, so whether that is just apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, turmeric or honey, I find them far more effective than a complex formula in a tub.

Do you work with any other mind/ body/ spirit/ holistic practices for your health and wellbeing?

I regularly go to sound baths, yoga, floatation tanks and cacao ceremonies. These all help me to really reconnect to myself and tune in with what is really going on inside.

Visit the Wunder Workshop online store, and Instagram.

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