Canna Culture X Higher Self Care Series. Visionary #37: Harlee and Jade- Ladies of Paradise founders

The Canna Culture X Higher Self Care interview series features some of the most influential people operating in the Cannabis and CBD industries. Over the course of November we will be exploring how future-forward brands are navigating their businesses, shaking off the stigma and developing a new culture around health and lifestyle.

First up we go stateside, where Ladies of Paradise give us the low down on their collaborative, women-in-cannabis blog and creative agency that offers lifestyle, product and set photography, event planning, marketing campaigns, and much more. Read on to meet the founders Jade Daniels and Harlee Case, where we ask them more about their pioneering approach to the Cannabis culture.


How would you describe Ladies of Paradise?

H- A community of women following there dreams and working together to make shit happen.

J- Ladies of Paradise is a cannabis-meets-fashion retail and creative space in Portland, Oregon. But beyond that, it is a network and community of like-minded women who share similar interests and support one another. We are known for themed events, disco balls, wigs, and breaking the stigma of what it is to be a typical cannabis consumer.

What first led you to embark on your journey into this community?

H- I wanted to work with Jade spotlighting women for all of their forgotten skills and gifts, but going to Humboldt county and meeting the Grow Sisters and all their friends really lit a fire under us and inspired us to throw ourselves into it completely.

J- I noticed that there were a lot of women working behind the scenes for companies while I helped my boyfriend open his dispensary in 2015. There were so many parts and roles that went in to the cannabis industry and it fascinated me to watch companies grow and women start from the ground up. I’ve always like when girls kick ass with the guys so I saw an opportunity to shine light on these women and then Harlee and I merged our companies and started Ladies of Paradise.

Where does your creativity and inspiration for the brand come from? 

H- I’ve always been obsessed with vintage clothing and antiques. I love things with character and the rebellious aspect of styling things that don’t usually go together. We are inspired by friendship, happiness and unity. Lifting up the people around you can make you feel high. Maybe I was already high but it felt good enough to inspire a brand.

J- We are constantly inspired by fashion and visual aesthetics, so we create mood boards and ideas of what we can do for future shoots. I’d like to say we inspire each other daily, and always bring new things to the table.

What key learnings or challenges have you undertaken since you launched into this industry?

H- This has quickly become the most serious job I’ve ever had. As much as it’s a lot of fun and games. It’s also a very important role we are playing. Everyone starting out in this industry has a role to play in how cannabis is viewed all over the world. We are a very special industry and have the opportunity to lead the way to a brighter future.

J- Not being taken as seriously as men and told we “have too many opinions”.

If you could give one message to governments who haven’t legalised medicinal cannabis yet, what would it be?

H- You should be ashamed of yourselves for not wanting to give your people a natural alternative medicine.

J- I’d tell them that I’ve seen a woman walk into a dispensary one day after being in a wheelchair and serving her as a patient for several months after we opened.  She thanked everyone in the shop for selling her the only medicine that has worked in years in the most heartfelt, hand written note.

What does the concept of self care mean to you?

H- I’m honestly really trying to work on self care in this next year. Self care to me right now is spending time with my friends smoking.

J- This month I am taking the most ultimate self care by cleansing myself of alcohol, drinking lots of water, exercising, and making sure all of my daily regimes are met.

Do you have a favourite way to use Cannabis/ CBD products?

H- Edibles for me, hands down. CBD for anxiety. Mary’s CBD inhalers are a new go to for me.

J- Yes I love to smoke flower. I dab occasionally but I smoke flower throughout the day and use CBD products regularly. I like Hora Skincare products and Nightingale.

What are your favourite skincare and hair care regimes?

H- I like Hora’s face serum and throw a beanie on my hair.

J- So I’m pretty obsessed with putting on facial moisturiser, I keep a bottle of Mario Bedescu Honey Moisturiser in my car and I add a little Hora CBD serum. At night I use a night moisturiser and do the same thing.

Do you work with any other mind/ body/ spirit/ holistic practices for your health and wellbeing?

H- I’ve been mediating more recently and I write a lot of music.

J- I’m starting to learn to meditate more. I’m such a busy on-the-go person that I need help relaxing and guidance into meditation. I want to start doing Bikram yoga, that’s next for me.

Visit the Ladies of Paradise website here, and check out their online store and Instagram.

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