soul notes: Emily- Helios + Solene

Curiosity is: Curiosity is the everlasting journey to fuel the soul.

Travelling essentials: My traveling altar, my daily herbs, a camera, good book, and an empty journal.

Currently manifesting: To be in constant bliss. To absorb the lessons. To serve others in the best way I can. To feel free.

Favourite moon calendar: I’m a Summer soul baby- I thrive when its hot out, when the flowers are full bloom and the days blend into nights. This is the time of year I always feel on top of my sh*t. It’s amazing.

Favourite quote: Allow yourself to transform as many times as you need to be fully happy and free– Yung Pueblo.

Reading: I’m one of those people that are constantly reading three books at once and right now in my rotation I have Pablo NerudaYung Pueblo, and Queen Afua.

To be a woman in 2018 is: I believe in our power, our womb wisdom, our ability to shift the paradigm of the world. We are the creators, the wisdom keepers, the holder of the flame. Our potential is limitless, and it’s such an exciting time to be alive. I love women- we are so powerful! I’m constantly seeking new ways to stay involved and make differences in my community.

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