Visionary #16: the soul care and slow craft of SALT Textiles

Home is a concept I’m still discovering. I moved around a lot as child so I tend to put ‘home’ into people more than places. Slow days with my best friends are home for me.
Photo: Natasha Marshall
How did SALT Textiles first begin?

It began in my kitchen and was very organic. I just needed a bag for some keys, used some fabric I was working with, and all of a sudden I had birthed SALT. I still feel surprised (and very flattered) when someone buys something.

What excites you the most about working with natural products? 

Just how amazing our natural resources are. We’ve become desensitised to our world, we’re so accustomed to synthetic materials and fast production, and I find it really sad. On the other hand I’m excited that industries are waking up, that natural processes and slow crafts are resurfacing.

Photo: Natasha Marshall
What is your favourite dyeing technique? 

Accidents. I once fell asleep during a late night dying session and woke up to the most beautiful, vibrant ochre. I’m experimenting a lot at the moment, taking my practice back to its artistic roots.

Describe your typical week: 

It changes week to week, often with my moods (and work as I’m freelance). Most weeks involve cooking, Yoga, a trip to Hackney marshes, maybe a swim, a gig or sound bath if I have the luxury of time.

Photo: Natasha Marshall
What does ‘self care’ mean to you? 

I’ve learnt it’s the simple things. Knowing when to stop working, remembering to eat well, drinking enough water, going to bed before 11pm, making time for old friends and honouring my inner rhythm as much as I can. Also, not being too hard on myself when I haven’t met all of the above, sometimes you need to go out and dance all night, that’s ‘soul care’.

Any skin and hair care rituals?

I have none, but I do love washing my hair after a challenging day.

Any favourite natural beauty products? 

Almond oil. For everything. My skin also loves the fig and leaves soap from Lush.

Do you incorporate any holistic practices into your self care routine? 

I try to make time for morning meditation and pranayama, it really helps me to stay grounded. And really, really long baths with geranium oil and salts. As a ritual I sit in the tub and let all the water drain out, it’s such a release.

Photo: Sarah Bates
Visit the SALT Textiles online shop and Instagram.
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