Visionary #21: Meet London-based tarot reader Leona Nichole Black

The past year has been teaching me how to find home within myself. I’ve made homes out of cities, people, bricks and mortar; but it has all been transient. Facing homelessness a few months ago dredged up wounds around my personal security, as well as the ancestral trauma of being rather than having property. I’m healing that with the recognition that my only true home is this body my soul has chosen to move through.
How did you first begin your exploration into tarot reading?

Tarot came to me quite late in my life. I came across an African-American reader on YouTube at a time when I was deeply seeking more meaning outside of the paradigm of Christianity. I was mesmerised. A few months later I bought my first set of cards. Fast forward to now and it’s become a centrepiece of my experience.

What does the blogging process mean to you?

I started blogging over ten years ago and it meant the same thing then as it does now: It’s a way to unravel my tongue, and remind myself there are people in the world playing the same chords as me. It’s the intimacy of telling one’s truth.

Tell us about your embracing of the digital world:

My freedom to create is the most beautiful thing about this digital moment. There are still gatekeepers of course, but I have a wide terrain to play and see my vision come alive within these boundaries. As a Black woman from a working class background my Youtube channel is creating the opportunities for me to develop economic security as a business owner.

Describe your typical week:

It probably begins with me feeling overwhelmed by my email inbox! I do however have the pleasure of working slowly; allowing myself time for rest and reflection because this is part of my creative process. Between this I’m filming content for my YouTube channel, and then meeting with clients and using the tarot cards to help them find personal truths. I’m an academic as well as a spiritualist, so my week also involves hours of research and falling asleep in a bed full of books.

What does ‘self care’ mean to you?

Self care is responding to whatever needs arise within me as they happen. Sometimes this is the cleansing expression of crying in the shower, or cancelling plans to go out because I feel the need to be present for me. It’s also learning as much as I can about myself and this world; and answering my inner call to create things that last, things that heal, things that make this world feel less hostile for as many of us as possible. Seeing myself in others as part of a caring ethic.

What are your favourite skincare and hair care rituals?

Oh I am super basic! I am a shea butter and coconut oil girl. If I have time I sometimes whip them up with some frankincense oil. But I feel pretty content using organic products from the countries I am descended from.

What other holistic practices do you bring into your self care routine?

Regular salt baths are a necessity for energy workers like myself and I absolutely love aromatherapy for mood control. I’ve recently started listening to ancient mantras in the morning and at night.

Visit Leona Nichole Black’s website here and book a reading here either in person in London or over Skype, Facetime or Google Hangouts. Make sure you don’t miss her blog postings and monthly horoscope readings on YouTube
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