Visionary #19: self loving with sexologist Juliet Allen

In a physical sense, home is where I live right now – Kingscliff, Northern NSW in Australia. I love this part of the world. Home is also a space within … it’s when I feel clarity and when I am living my truth. It’s when I have my daughter and my beloved with me and we’re all together.
How did you first begin your exploration into running a business based on empowered sexuality?

I studied a post grad in Sexology. Towards the end of my study I quit my full time job as a youth worker and just jumped in the deep end, branding myself as a Sexologist and putting myself out there! I guess sex has always intrigued me, and been top on my list of things that I love to do very regularly – I want others to feel as empowered as I do sexually, so it made sense to make the most of what I love and build a career around it.

What are the benefits of using a crystal pleasure wand over a regular toy?

Oh, so many benefits! Crystals are 100% au natural, so you’re charging up your vagina with the power of the crystal, instead of shoving a plastic, fake toy inside of you. I see our vagina as a temple, just like I see our entire body as a temple! I only put stuff inside me that is going to enhance my energy and my health. Crystals are beautiful, too! You can put your crystal anywhere in the home and admire it (can’t always say the same for some dreadful looking fake penis haha).

The internet and wellbeing community is full of yoni eggs so we thought we’d ask you if you were familiar with them?

Ahhh well, I’m not an expert on yoni eggs, nor am I a big fan if I were to be super honest. I think there’s a lot of people selling eggs now that have no clue about the sacredness of the practice, nor do they know anything about women’s health. I have used eggs before and didn’t feel any benefits, in fact the use of an egg increased period pain and completely changed my cycle. But hey, if they work for you guys, I’m all for it!

Describe your typical week:

Well that’s an interesting question, because my week is always changing depending on how I feel and where I am. I don’t work on Mondays, ever. Or if I do it’s because I’m feeling excited to do fun creative stuff. Tuesday and Thursday I work with my coaching clients. Wednesday I train with my partner at his gym and do a bit of admin. Friday I do what I want – work, beach .. whatever I feel to. In between work I’m taking my daughter to and from school, making time to purchase fresh produce, cooking, going to the beach, surfing (my latest favourite thing to do), road trips, running workshops all over the country. I’m always changing and evolving- I like variety in life.

What does self care mean to you?

It means putting myself first and loving myself up. Hot baths. Ocean and sun regularly. Acupuncture weekly. Manicures and pedicures every two weeks. Making time to exercise and eat well. Drinking a coffee and loving it.

What are your beauty rituals?

I like massaging organic coconut oil into my entire body, then soaking in a hot bath full of epsom salts and essential oils.

Essential oils – I use them every day, coconut oil and epsom salts in my bath, oil pull and tongue scrape- religiously every morning. Aesop is my favourite skincare brand and is throughout my house.

Do you incorporate any other practices into your routine?

Self-pleasure. Acupuncture. Massage. Blood rituals using my menstrual blood (I talk about this on my podcast).

What excites you most about your work?

Being able to talk about and read about and write about sex ALL DAY LONG! Who wouldn’t want that as a job?! I also love working with people and talking about a topic that is still so taboo in the world.

Find more about Juliet Allen via her website and Instagram. You can purchase Juliet’s crystal wands via her shop. Discover more at the Juliet Allen podcast here.
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