Visionary #17: Julia Corbett’s Rainbow prism world

All of my self care is based holistically. It all comes back to serving the mind/body/spirit, so caring for the self in this way brings us back to our centre. It becomes a natural way of being.
How and why did you first begin your business?

I have a couple businesses that are always morphing. As an artist, I like to keep it fresh- continuously inspiring others and myself. I started my photography business as a side project to my chocolate company Dessert Medicine (previously Kiss of Venus). The photography seems to be a greater focus for me currently, although I think it just mirrors what is going on in my life.

The idea of the self and my personal image has always been a focus of mine, in both healthy and unhealthy ways. My desire to photograph non-models and make personal connection through my work led me to self-portraiture. I wanted to understand what is it like to be in front of the camera, not just behind. That journey began about three years ago, though I have been photographing nature most of my life.

The self portraits became an opening to my insecurities, and to move through them by confronting the feelings that would arise from various things such as people walking by, watching me pose for myself, and being in a vulnerable place out in the open (most of my work is nature based), or strange faces and angles, that can shape the body in so many ways. A moment in time was how I was perceived from that place, so it was really eye opening to see how I hold myself. This practice gave me an understanding of what it feels like to be in front of my camera and to then be a guide and to hold space in a way for those that want to work with me.

The chocolate is a whole different story, but also relates to the self. It really has come back to self-love for me, which is where initially the project started. I wanted something I could share that created joy for people. All of it comes down to connection. I am a very internal person, and creating work where I can have meaningful connections with others is how I feel like I’m really living. Self-love is part of that, being surrendered to your own being, and that reflects in others. How authentic can you be?

What inspires you the most about your work?

Nature really does it for me and I love inviting others into that realm, especially if they don’t tend to make time for it daily. I love to inspire others to feel the earth, to listen in and to see all the beauty. I also like having limitations of some form, like my camera; it’s a 35mm fixed lens camera and it invites me to explore the world through that viewfinder. You need to get really close to your subject if you want it to fill the frame, and there tends to be a lot of movement in my work. Or with my chocolate, ingredients I use are very specific. I love searching for the highest quality ingredients to create a product that really feels that way.

What does ‘self care’ mean to you?

Listening- truly listening- to what is happening in the body and mind. This way you can feed your spirit / soul. Life (pretty often!) doesn’t always go to plan, so being able to recognise what it is you need and adapting to situations is something I continue to tune into. For me that requires nature time and silence, or having ritual can be helpful. Learning to slow down and have patience with the unfolding of life. There are so many ways to tune in, and I think that can be overwhelming at times with all of the options available to us. Eating clean, nature walks, breathing, drinking tea and pulling tarot cards are all forms of self-care that tune me back to centre.

Skin and hair care rituals:

I currently have an outdoor shower, this is really all I need! It’s the best ever and if I could take it with me everywhere I went I would. I use Monk Oil on my body, it has a nice natural fragrance and its simple. I like simple body care. I drink lots of herbal tea as well, really into Tulsi and Liquorice. Adaptogenic herbs have been a staple for me for many years now. They shift and change with time, but those are currently my favourites.

Find more about Julia via her website and Instagram, and check out Dessert Medicine chocolate on FacebookRaw Cookies: 60 Delicious, Gluten-Free Superfood Treats is out now on paperback and Kindle (Amazon).
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