Visionary #6: From the Canyon- Meet Haus of Sages

Haus of Sages have run a handful of events that put tea practice and founders Maharlika and Chris’ love of music and health at the centre. “I think Haus of Sages embodies how much we can create even with just the two of us.”​ says Maharlika.

Maharlika hails from Los Angeles and is fresh from launching her new project ​Flowerbook, which she created for a community of women in order for them to connect; “It came from the concept of my poetry and photography work. However, for this book​ I was to just be the writer since my friends and colleagues who are photographers contributed by giving me photos of women, nature and flowers” she explains. “We also wound up having actual photoshoots for the book which changed the concept a bit but was so fun”.

Maharlika has always held in interest in the Eastern tradition of Ayurveda, and studied it formally whilst on a Wellness Counsellor graduate program at Kerela Academy. “I have always been interested​ in​ Ayurveda and thought I’d take the plunge and get a little more educated. ​“I’m a Pitta Kapha. I try and stay balanced with my fire and water element. I have a lot of ‘fire’ in me, which means I have to take the time to slow down.​ The program is wonderful and I am certainly a believer in natural​ wellbeing. I am still testing much of what I learned in school on my own body, it’s a life journey. That said, I have the certificate for which is philosophically part of my writings. I’m not actually counselling anyone at the moment but I would like to someday”.
As a full time writer, Maharlika works from home: “Home is where I get to be creative”. Haus of Sages also make natural dyed tea runners that Maharlika explains are “all naturally flower dyed​ which I learned from my teacher in NYC, Cara Maria Piazza who is a natural dyer. I am in constantly in awe of what we can make from nature”. When it comes to setbacks Maharlika knows the beauty is in the balance: ​“I create lots of things in my world, I have my hands in many little projects which indeed sets me back from bigger life goals. Writing more books, having children, ​healing practices and humanitarian work. I am learning to be more choosy”.

Home for Haus of Sages is Los Angeles West side: “Currently Topanga Canyon has my heart. It is rich in community, nature and wildlife.” Says Maharlika, who is also working towards building a garden. “​We live very close to the State Park– I hike or do a nature walk pretty much every day in addition to our nature travels.​”

To Haus of Sages, self care means the whole body- emotional, ​spiritual, and physical. “It means meditation, yoga, silence, being in nature, slowing down and eating for my body type. It means taking a time out. I am actually really good with self care. I don’t comprise on that.” Maharlika explains. “​I do an abhyanga self massage, which I learned from my Ayurveda education, and take lots of baths”.

When it comes to her skincare and hair, Maharlika takes an essence of mindfulness with the products she uses. Maharlika’s one tip for those embracing natural products in the home is to ​research and read the labels. “Everything I use is of conscious thought. I am constantly researching products. I am very particular about my skin care. Right now I am using Sans [ceuticals], a company based in New Zealand. Such a yummy product and completely made with integrity.” Maharlika also incorporates acupuncture into her self care practices as she feels eastern philosophies are the ultimate way of maintaining a health lifestyle.

A variety of world cuisines are on Maharlika’s dinner plate “Honestly, I eat for my constitution. It changes throughout the years. I am currently learning to eat simply as I have rich taste for food. I love Mediterranean and Spanish cooking but that said, I grew up in California so also love Mexican and Sushi.”

Maharlika loves any ‘Om’ chants for her personal development. “When I say Om, the primordial sound, I automatically feel at peace. Om Namah Shivaya for when I am paying respect to Lord Shiva. This single sound has great power and gives the benefits of chanting all the Vedas” she says.

For the past few years Haus of Sages has been traveling for tea so Maharlika’s dream destination would be somewhere to “just chill and hang by a waterfall or eat some good food… which for me either means that Europe or Hawaii is on the radar”. On reflection of her past, Maharlika explains that she wouldn’t change anything: “My time line has been very special; it’s allowed me to learn so much about this life, my karmic path and my life purpose.​” As for 2018, Maharlika plans to work with more elders, hold a poetry retreat, direct music videos, write more book ideas and do humanitarian work.​ I can’t wait to see what Haus of Sages does next.

Learn more about the world of Haus of Sages on their Rituals page and Instagram, plus keep an eye on their regular events taking place in California. Order Flowerbook by Maharlika Sage here.