Visionary #53: Lera Zujeva

Lera Zujeva is a modern pioneer of tea ceremony, and a bastion of mindfulness and stillness amidst busy urban life. With her own brand With T Lovers, her mission is to transmit peace, presence, love

Visionary #52: Emma Slade Edmondson

Emma Slade Edmondson’s world is a colourful place to be. The London-based creator, brand consultant, speaker and podcaster is an advocate of sustainable fashion and bringing awareness to the industry. One glance at Emma’s Instagram,

Visionary #49: Mimi Kuo-Deemer

Mimi Kuo-Deemer’s earliest introduction to movement practices was at ballet class during childhood, which laid the foundations for a lifetime of intention for balance and precision. Mimi is an Oxfordshire based yoga and Qigong teacher


Meet Leila Sadeghee, energy healer and yoga teacher of Tantric and Asana practices. Having cut her teeth in the art work, Leila went on to studying Buddhism in India and spent numerous years learning about