Winter Self Care

This has been a challenging year for most, and more of us have spent more time in our homes and indoors. My body has been a real focus of mine during this time, as I

High Summer Rituals

Life is slow at the moment, but I have been craving this rest and growth period for a long time. Leisurely walks with my dogs have been on the cards recently, giving me a chance


Covid/ self isolation special It’s not easy to stay home and do nothing. Falling back on social media and TV can causes brain stagnation if you overuse them, so taking a break from your devices

Winter Self Care Roundup

Winter Solstice! Eclipse Season! New Year looming! It’s time to buckle down and get into full self care mode to prepare for the year ahead. This season I have been embracing some practical basics and

Autumn Self Care Roundup

Autumn is a time of year where I begin to shift my living space from a bright and light Summer home, to cosy warm nest with candle lighting. Certain words like maintaining, fostering and nurture