Covid/ self isolation special

It’s not easy to stay home and do nothing. Falling back on social media and TV can causes brain stagnation if you overuse them, so taking a break from your devices can really release your energy. The world is showing serious overtones of ‘stir-crazy’ and ‘boredom’ right now, as we all begin to close down and hide away from the world to self isolate. 

Many of us are feeling anxious about our health and income, but on a deeper level I think we’re also questioning what defines us. EG: Without our jobs who are we. Without our daily routines do we have purpose. This is a perspective some people have never had to face before, and there is something equally humbling and terrifying about that. Dropping into ourselves and learning to create new ways of living are so important for our wellbeing right now.

Tips on removing stagnation and falling into anxiety:

Communicate with others. Check in with friends, faily and colleagues, especially when you have not spoken with them in a while. Get digitally creative on Skype, Zoom, Google Hangout, FaceTime. 

Go outside. Take advantage of the daylight hours and the fact we’re going to be spending more time indoors. Your skin needs Vitamin D (even if it’s cloudy) and it’s a great feeling to get some outdoor air in your lungs. If you don’t have an outdoors space at your property, then try getting out to the park or beach.

Did you know you can clean for self help? This method can seriously change your life. Cleaning and de-cluttering exerts dead energy from your body, and cleaning with intention can give your home a glowing golden energy. Last night I tidied all of the Winter leaves from my front garden and it gave me such a buzz after. For more tips on cleaning with intention, follow modern Feng Shui consultant Meghan Wallace James.

Gardening. In the change of the seasons, it’s the perfect time to pop out some fresh plants and bulbs and let nature grow at your fingertips. Seeing something grow from nothing can really strengthen our hope for the future. If you don’t have a garden, then try planting a herb box on your windowsill or kitchen. Currently in my kitchen are 3 little pots of hopeful tomato, basil and rosemary seedlings sprouting up.

Gym and yoga studio closed so can’t work out? Some friends of mine sent me a sweet photo from their outdoor park gym. Fresh air AND exercise. Just don’t forget to wipe down the machines before and after use. Also see who’s live streaming their regular classes online… like Re:Mind studio who are offering gong baths and tea ceremony online, and Beeja Meditation putting their group guided meditations on YouTube live.

Go inside. Okay, you’re already inside but this global slowing down is giving you the opportunity to go further ‘inside’ yourself. Check out our latest self care update, the stay indoors special where you can learn more about what products and practices that can be cultivated around the home if you need some inspiration.

Stay present and in your power. The Broad Place are currently giving away their High Vibe Program for free to all in need which contains some beautiful guidance on new ways of living.

I’m inclined to end this piece with some wise words from the psychic medium Kim Alexis, who says “Keep your vibration high, this will uplift, help and inspire others, staying present is key” in regards to enduring these times.

Stay well and safe during these testing times.

Image: Pinterest