Winter Self Care Roundup

Winter Solstice! Eclipse Season! New Year looming! It’s time to buckle down and get into full self care mode to prepare for the year ahead. This season I have been embracing some practical basics and simple tools that help support my body from the inside out.

I have been enjoying Embryrolisse’s Soin Correcteur de Teint for my face. I usually use oil, but I find a simple cream works better as a weahther barrier in the colder months plus this one has an added SPF20. Organii Hand Cream has also come to the rescue when it comes to Winter-chapped hands- a sea buckthorn extract and orange oil lotion that is Vegan and contains 100% natural origin perfumes and is free from parabens and other properties. For those having a sociable festive season, with the travel and late nights that it brings, then I highly recommend Guardian Angel Eyes’ revitalising eye gels which are infused with green tea and my new favourite ingredient hyaluronic acid. The gels form to any eye shape, and are my new favourite product for reducing tired and puffy eyes.

For soothing the skin before bed on a long night, I have been using The Beauty Stone by of my favourite skincare brands Lani. The stone is a signature Gua Sha made from bian, which contains up to 40 trace minerals produce negative ions, with thermal conductivity and heat-storing capabilities. When rubbed against the skin, the stone gives out ultrasonic impulses which help boost microcirculation. It’s great to use a stone that feels a little warmer in feel than other crystal face tools, and my skin is left feeling supple and hydrated.

Header image: Guardian Angel Eyes’ revitalising eye gels and Happier Beauty products. Above: The Beauty Stone by Lani and HAILA HEALTH CBD

Happier Beauty has really put a smile on my face recently with their natural Vegan, cruelty-free toothpaste that comes in a recyclable tube and bamboo toothbrushes. After making the move to wooden toothbrushes, it’s great to see a brand pioneering natural health and eco-friendly dental care. There are also metal ‘squeeze keys’ for getting the last of the toothpaste tube and prep it for recycling.

Speaking of highly eco brands, So Eco’s Biodegradable Detangling Leaf Brushes have now become a fixed staple in my hair routine. TheirPETA accredited, cruelty free and vegan products are all ethically sourced and due to the fluid and comfy design I can’t imagine brushing my hair with anything else. So Eco are also partners with Tree Nation, planting a tree for every 100 products sold. I have been using Only Curls’ shampoo and conditioner, which has resulting in taking the frizz out of my curly hair before styling. London-based founder Lizzie Carter launched the brand when she felt curly-hair specific products were too oily or heavy. Seeing a gap in the market, Only Curls have revolutionised haircare and liberated those with curly hair gripes.

Organii Hand Cream, Soin Correcteur de Teint and Beautifully Nourished

In order to fine-tune and support my body in preparation for the New Year, I have been introducing Beautifully Nourished to my vitamin schedule. In a busy Vitamin market, they stand out for me due to their cruelty-free and Vegan products in attractive pastel packaging. Their range includes supportive supplements including Nootropics Cognitive Function, Hair Skin and Nail Complex and 360 Multivitamins that do not contain unnecessary chemicals, parabens, fillers and additives. I’ve been really inspired by ohne tampons recently, a small business leading the way with organic, non-toxic, unscented and unbleached tampons. Their fem space for their discussions on hormones, periods and more vaginal health topics is also worth a visit.

ohne organic tampons

It wouldn’t be a Higher Self Care seasonal roundup without introducing a new CBD brand to the table. I’ve recently discovered HAILA HEALTH, a cruelty-free, vegan and GMO-free CBD. I have been using HAILA HEALTH CBD as a mood soother this season, dropping it under my tongue and adding to my cacao because it’s a CBD that actually has a pleasant aftertaste; almost a light olive oil flavour unlike other brands on the market that seem to have more of a bitter citrus feel. I’m excited to watch this new brand grow into the CBD space, and they’re on the mark for the luxury health market with their signature gold-topped glass tinctures.

Only Curls curl cleanser and conditioner

I passed my Reiki 1 last year, which means I have the ability to practice Reiki on myself. However, after a busy schedule over the Christmas period my self practice has slipped. It was then very timely that Self Reiki by Reiki Master Jasmin Harsono (of Emerald + Tiger) came through my letterbox, her beautifully illustrated new book about practical access to self energy healing. The book is great for those curious about Reiki and mindfulness, but also serves as a brilliant reminder for those wishing to get back to their practice.

Self Reiki by Jasmin Harsono

During the Winter I’m always looking to invite nature into the home where possible to create an ‘outside inside’ mood; my washing up liquid is stuffed with fresh rosemary sprigs and I am lucky to have a eucalyptus tree in the garden to provide foliage displays. It has been a joy to invite LA-EVA’s X Petersham Nurseries BLŪ wash & lotion with all its smoky tones of vetiver, blue chamomile and lavender. Taken from a limited edition collaboration between Oxfordshire-based organic brand LA-EVA and established home, garden and lifestyle brand Petersham Nurseries in Richmond. LA-EVA founder Louisa Canham gained inspiration for the heady blends whilst she explored the nursey taking photographs of the plants and collaborated closely with the Petersham team. In a recyclable glass bottle decorated mindful artwork by Louisa, the brand really evokes the beauty of the product inside.

scrivner for MEN

I find male skincare is often overlooked in the organic beauty space, but for those in Winter gifting-mode, Jane Scrivner have launched a 5-step skincare range for men designed to balance, strengthen and replenish the skin’s natural protective function. The kit contains 5 products infused with natural ingredients such as oat, jojoba and star anise; SKIN CLEAN Nourish Enrich Cleansing Balm, SKIN RESURFACE Daily Resurfacing AHA/BHA Acid Exfoliator, SKIN HYDRATE Smoothing  Hyaluronic Hydrating Gel, SKIN DEFENCE Calm Nourish Enrich Face Oil and SKIN PROTECT Oat & Argan Moisturising Cream. Scrivner really understand the technical balance of skin from the inside out, and I am always assured when I use their products.

Winter for me is peak time to slow down, and take stock of the year past rather than manifesting anything for the year ahead (just yet!). Gratitude journaling, podcasts and books are in full flow whilst I clear up any clutter around the home and tie up loose ends with work. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and turn of the decade.

Tasha x

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