Visionary #47: Viola Radomsky of Lani

Lani is the name that ticks all the boxes when it comes to sustainable beauty shopping- natural ingredients, paraben-free, Vegan and cruelty free – not to mention the most unique colourful glass bottle packaging that looks great on a shelf.

Specialising in lush face oils, hair treatments, masks and cleansers, visitors to the world of Lani won’t be disappointed with the array of choice for all types of skin. Open just a tiny part of a Lani product, and you’re met with a bouquet of scent, coconut, macadamia and sweet almond. Lani is also home to The Beauty Stone, a bian Gua Sha face massage tool known for it’s variety of benefits including stimulating acupressure points and increasing blood circulation for a glowing complexion.

Its founder Viola Radomsky is the creative force behind this independent business, carving out her own lane in the busy beauty industry as well as being a mother to a young daughter. Read on to deep dive into founder Viola’s world.

Viola with some of Lani’s famous coloured bottles

Home is where I’m with my family. Home is also our house near Nottingham, yet at the same time home is Nürnberg in Germany, the city I grew up in.

What is the message for Lani?

Lani is all about natural, vegan, cruelty-free beauty that doesn’t cost the earth.

How did you first begin your journey into the beauty world?

I remember spending ages browsing the natural beauty aisles of health food stores when I was a teen. I loved trialling different ‘remedies’ and loved using oils in particular to help nourish my skin and hair. My passion for oils is what led me to create Lani in 2014. (The product I launched the brand with is the Tropical Hair Treatment, a miracle worker for all hair types made with four incredible oils).

Please tell us more about your work this year with donating to charities. What excites you the most about that initiative?

Since Lani is also one of the few beauty brands that uses its voice to campaign for animal rights and highlight the reality of animal exploitation I feel strongly about giving back to charities that work tirelessly to help the victims that don’t get a chance to be heard. I will be donating to 11 different charities in 2019 and usually choose smaller ones that don’t get a lot of funding or support.

“Our bottles and jars not only look pretty on the bathroom shelf, many customers reuse them when they’ve finished with the product. “

– Viola, founder- Lani

How did you get to create or get inspired for your iconic packaging?

I wanted the range to look bright and colourful to reflect the tropical ingredients within. The bottles and jars not only look pretty on the bathroom shelf, many customers reuse them when they’ve finished with the product. Of course, all the bottles and jars are made of glass. Glass has a sturdy feel and of course most of us are aware of the impact single use plastics have on our planet so I think it’s really important to not just look for recyclable packaging alternatives when it comes to water bottles, food containers etc. Not only is glass better for Mother Earth but it’s also better for your skin since certain types of plastic can leach into products. Glass is also a perfect barrier against oxygen and light and ingredients such as antioxidants are very sensitive to both.

What are your favourite skincare and hair care rituals?

I recently got into facial massage and am a big fan! Not only is it super relaxing but it really helps with lymphatic drainage and general skin health.

Do you have any favourite natural or other home remedies for your health and wellbeing?

My morning smoothie is a must-have for me. Made with bananas, blueberries, dates, kale and chia, hemp and flax seeds it’s packed with nutrition. I’m a huge lover of teas also. I rotate between green, fruit and herbal teas and I find a cup of tea always makes me feel better.

Viola, founder of Lani

Do you incorporate any holistic practices into your self care routine?

I used to like doing oil pulling and Abhyanga, an oil full body massage based on Ayurvedic principles, but don’t find the time for either at the moment.

Do you have a specific routine with your work and home life?

I have a young daughter, so balancing motherhood with running a business is super important. My daughter goes to a childminder three days a week. Those are the days I get to fully focus on running Lani. Evenings are also spent working on the business but the weekends are usually saved for family time.

Lani website / Lani Instagram

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