Time of the Season: Spring self care update

The season of Spring calls for realignment, restructure and refreshment, though we often overlook this when it comes to our home. Thanks to the (often) pronounced shift between the seasons I have been sourcing more supportive practices during this time. Right now I’m all about turning over a new leaf in every way possible, and this extends from my beauty practices to the energy around my home. Everything is becoming more intentional, more thoughtful, as I step into this new phase.

Resetting the body is first and foremost, and exercise really helps ease my ongoing lower back pain. I recently found myself jumping on a Peloton bike at the gym, starting with small beginner classes with Jennifer Jacobs. I love choosing my own personal workout and music (and giving virtual high-fives to fellow riders along the way), and this modality really helps with spine and pelvic mobility. I have also been targeting specific points of pain at The Massage Centre, London where therapist Ginta Drobulyte has been carefully introducing my body to acupuncture combined with massage. I also recently took a trip to the gorgeous and newly expanded MASAJ space in East London and you can read about my experiences with their intuitive massage here.

Lani Blue Mint Facial Cleanser and Saint Adriatica Wake-Up Droplets.

Heading into the bathroom, I have been turning cleansing into a proper event this season with Lani’s blue facial cleanser. It’s a gorgeous little bottle of magic; the powder turns a vibrant tropical ocean blue when used and smells DIVINE. Going above and beyond their Vegan and cruelty-free tag, Lani regularly donates a percentage of their profits to animal charities. I predict that this bold blend of clay, oats, coconut and spirulina won’t be the only pot of Lani on my shelf before long. When it comes to hydrating the skin, Saint Iris Adriatica’s Wake-up droplets have been a godsend for my dull, post-Winter complexion. Their cruelty-fee and Vegan serum contains essential properties for bright and healthy skin such as pomegranate enzyme for exfoliate and allantoin for smoothness. I am also beguiled by their heavyweight bottles and grown-up branding.

MASAJ No.2 oil, Ritual Oils rose quartz crystal facial roller and Gua Sha, and FaceGym Gold Derma Roller

For the past year, ethical company Ritual Oils have been at the forefront of my skin journey, with their blue lotus and moringa oil. Moringa is one of my favourite miracles found in nature, anti-inflammatory aspect and rich in antioxidants Ritual has really cleared up my facial blemishes plus conditioned my lips, brows and lashes. It seems the whole of the beauty world on Instragam has fully turned to the ancient practice of Gua Sha, and they were right to do so as completely restructures the facial muscles. This practice hails from ancient Chinese medicine, where you gently massage shaping tools made of crystal across the face to stimulate the lymphatic system. I love using Ritual Oil’s rose quartz Gua Sha and chunky rose quartz roller along my cheekbones and jawline (the tools also come in a gift set with the oil), which glides so perfectly when used in tandem with the oil.

For scent to apply to my wrists, I am using massage studio du-jour MASAJ and their No.2 oil- an exciting concoction of ginger, rosemary, marjoram, pimento berry and black pepper in grapeseed and wheatgerm available to buy in their bricks and mortar shop in East London.

Salcura Bioskin Junior range

My eczema sometimes flares up when the temperatures rise, so I ensure I am steering clear of chemicals, wool and other synthetic fabrics. Also for the parents- some children in my family suffer from skin problems and a little birdie told me that Salcura’s Bioskin Junior range includes a Vegan and cruelty-free Daily Nourishing Spray, Bath milk, shampoo and face & body wash for those wanting something gentler on their baby’s skin this time of year. The products smell amazingly fresh as they contain all natural ingredients such as lavender, jojoba extract, calendula and sunflower.

Koi Footwear Exo Criss Cross sandals

For stepping out onto the streets between meetings I’m keeping it simple in linen dresses or cotton pants, and layering with a light jacket. Snippets of recent London sunshine has got me excited about slipping into my Vegan Exo Criss Cross Sandals too, a super comfy sandal from Peta-Approved shoe brand Koi Footwear. It’s great to see more chic and wearable ethical brands on the market. I am also looking forward to doing a car boot sale wardrobe clear-out; and in general buying less and shopping more ethically.

On my reading list is the second memoir from musician Moby Then It Fell Apart (Faber Social), aptly coinciding with Mental Health Awareness Week 2019. The book follows the arc into being the world’s most famous musician and the addictive hedonism of the rock and roll lifestyle. I look forward to an intentionally simple season ahead as we head into Summer…

Receive 10% off the Ritual Oils store using the code HSCRITUAL- shop here.

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