Canna Culture X Higher Self Care: Cannabis and CBD exploration


Cannabis is our modern day conundrum; here we have a plant that is all at once natural and from the earth, saving lives, improving health and exciting investors and trendsetters around the world, as well as being controversial, outlawed and constrained by legal systems. This November, I’m opening up Higher Self Care readers to the work of some of the most influential women operating in this industry, how they are navigating their businesses and shaking off the stigmas around the world of Cannabis.


I was inspired to run this feature after EnOURage Network’s CBD Infused Brunch this Autumn run by Jasmin Thomas, Founder and CEO of Ohana CBD and Jessica Steinberg, founder of The Global C and Oxford PhD Student. Having used CBD for six months prior for it’s calming anti-stress properties, I was initially drawn in by the prospect of CBD-infused raw Vegan Organic offerings from Caribbean-inspired Organic Livity. I already knew of some basic healing properties of the plant, but it was after hearing from a panel of CBD and cannabis food and beauty specialists, growers, activists and consultants when I really has my eyes opened to the bigger picture.


Cannabis X Higher Self Care is an interview series that premiers here in November. We’ll be hearing from Ohana, plus other future-forward brands such as Ladies of Paradise, Dope Girls Zine, Wunder Workshop and more.


To be notified when this series goes live, please sign up to the newsletter.

Artwork by Tom Jean Webb

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