Visionary #34: Joy Issacs of ARgeNTUM Apothecary

I completely buy into the ‘home is where the heart is’ sensibility. However- when surrounded by loved ones- a physical place, climate or culture can still affect our feeling of belonging. To me, it is when head and heart align within our choice of surroundings. If they don’t, we need to seek change.


What was your first inspiration for ARgENTUM?

One night I had a dream about using silver in skincare and woke with a clear vision to pursue this dream, which has now become a passion.


What led you to specialise in beauty products that contain silver?

Although the idea came to me in a dream, I imagine this must have been buried in my sub-conscious as I had recently had an infection after surgery where doctors used silver impregnated wound dressings, which had miraculous healing results. I had known of and used Colloidal Silver for its antibacterial properties whilst growing up in South Africa, and my sister had used it to treat a bout of acne to great effect.


What do you love the most about your work?

Although there is always a weighty dose of business being conducted, I do love the chance to express my creativity and execute new and exciting ideas. ARgENTUM embraces all 12 archetype energies which makes for a well-rounded working experience. It allows me to be many things and not just one. It is also very rewarding to make people feel good about themselves. I believe that my soul purpose is to bring harmony, and balance and beauty are a fabulous vehicle to deliver this.


Did you have any mentors when you launched the brand?

I have mixed feelings around mentors as sometimes one needs a naïve approach when tackling something new or ground-breaking. Following what has always gone before and not your heart can sometimes lead to mediocrity. I chose to follow my heart when launching the brand, and the only time I got into tricky situations was when I didn’t.


Tell us about your love of the art of Tarot:

I think I started to ramp up with Tarot in 2010, and I immersed myself in the imagery and symbolism. I believe we all hold our truth buried in our subconscious and are willing to project it onto many things for example- people, life circumstance, poetry, music and of course imagery (art). It allows us to project what is just below the surface and access what is really going on with our own personal truth.


What does the concept of self care mean to you?

Self care starts from within, but a lot of the time we try and work from the outside in. I don’t think either way matters as long as we can get to the whole. For me, it is always about finding the balance between my physical body and my spiritual wellbeing.


What are your favourite beauty regimes?

I normally use ARgENTUM for my skincare and try to keep my skincare routine simple and avoid product layering. For my hair, I try and use sulphate free shampoos as this ingredient strips the natural colour of my hair. I also like to use Epsom Salt baths to draw out negative energy and I sometimes throw crystals into the mix. In a chaotic world, the act of ritual can really help to ground us.

Find out more about ARgENTUM here.

Photo credit: David Poole

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