soul notes: Shiva Rose, author and founder of Shiva Rose Beauty

Inspirations: Julia butterfly hill, Georgia O’Keeffe, Yogi Bhajan.

Words: “Creativity must be cultivated” and “Only two ways to live, from fear or from love”.

Favourite beauty tools: Meditation, sleep, clean pure water, my Saffron Rose Scrub and Face Oil, Ziip face tool, Rose Hydrosal, laughter, organic produce, Morninga and Hyaluronic acid.

Currently reading: Sophia Code.

Love is: a devotional heart that is eternal in its giving. Evoking the best in yourself and ones you love.

Intuitive discovery is: Living without fear and allowing your unconscious superpowers to speak.

Mystic energy is: connecting to the unseen worlds and listening to that wisdom. Feeling the mana of the earth and celestial realms.

Self care is: where we connect to something higher than ourselves then fill ourselves with it. After we are filled up we can give to others and our earth. For me my bath ritual is a time of nourishing self care.

Hair products: Making hair and face masks with yogurt, honey, avocados and bananas.

Rituals: I have an energy healer who I see from time to time. I also use my bio mat daily. Taking herbs and drinking infusion teas of nettle, red clover oats and straw tulsi.

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