soul notes: juliet allen, sexologist

Read: Wild Nights by David Deida. The Magdalen Manuscript by Tom Kenyon and Judi Sion

Shop: I don’t have a favourite brand. I like boutique shops and am happy to spend a lot on quality items when I find them.

Love is: Fucking crazy, magic and insane, all at once.

Magic is: When I make love and open myself to the magic of pleasure and universal energy being channelled through me and my beloved.

Lesson: Hesitation = Pain, Commitment = Pleasure

Passport last stamped: India

Ideal weekend: Wake up, make love/ swim in the ocean/ lie in the sun/ brekky at home/ coffee out/ road trip down south somewhere, keeping it simple and staying in our van/ Lots and lots of sex!

Self discovery is: A never ending journey that is never boring.