Soul notes: Portia Richardson

Biggest hope for the world in 2018: I hope the tower of the Empire continues to burn down. And I hope the ashes nourish the earth and allow new growth to take root. I hope that we begin to tell a new story of healing as we come to face the truth of what we are doing to our planet and each other.

Being a woman in 2018: comes with a great responsibility to live my truth as I feel it. It means actively breathing life into the new social structures that are rising up through the cracks of a crumbling Patriarchy (or better yet the Kyriarchy), which are collaborative and circular in form versus hierarchical and linear.

Personal mantra: Fuck it!  I’ve decided that I don’t want to try to be the impossible “good woman” anymore. Perfection is an illusion. And more and more I am invoking the wild woman archetype that is messier and less predictable; more emotional and unfettered.

Self care tip for when you feel unbalanced: Slow down. Sleep. Get your bare feet on the earth. Drink water. Take a bath. Cry. Let someone who loves you rub your back. Open the widows and let in the breeze. Hug a tree. Star gaze. Talk to the moon. Stare at a fire in silence and then maybe burn some shit.