Visionary #32: Shiva Rose on real beauty products

Shiva Rose is owner of natural beauty brand Shiva Rose Beauty, and founder of The Local Rose blog. Two years in, after blogging about her passion for spirituality and nature, Shiva channelled a message during a mediation to launch a beauty line for women that was both nourishing and natural. Shiva Rose was born, and is proud to present beauty products that are 100% free from toxins and is made in small batches. Here, we find out more about Shiva’s own practices and integrations, and thoughts on living a beautiful life.


Where is home for you, and what does it mean to you?

Home for me is near the Santa Monica mountains and outside of Austin Texas, where my love resides. Home is where we create a place of peace, tranquillity, and joy. Home is a refuge and sanctuary where we can create our own reality. Mantras, country music, limited WiFi, wholesome foods, and a closeness to the natural world make up our nest.


When did you first become interested or conscious to the magic and holistic practices, and what led you to starting The Local Rose blog?

I’ve always been intrigued by the unseen worlds. The place where energy and spirits dwell. After being diagnosed with serious auto immune issues at the age of 25, I started exploring alternative ways. The local rose was birthed 10 years ago when I committed to a more holistic life style in all ways.

How did you first get inspired to launch Shiva Rose beauty?

The Shiva Rose beauty line began when I saw it in a kundalini meditation. I had been making the Rose face oil for myself for a decade, before oils were popular and in a yogic download I saw a vision for that as a product. Now the line has expanded to 14 products. The idea is to bring high vibrational non-toxic beauty that is also chic and elegant.


What in your work are you most proud of and why?

I’m most grateful for the research that goes into finding clean yet active ingredients sourced from purity.

What does your typical week look like?

My weeks vary depending on travel. Mostly I work a few days a week on The Local Rose and daily on Shiva Rose, and I also have the daily work as a mama and steward of land in LA and Texas.


What are your favourite Summer rituals?

Summer rituals for me are about honouring the element of water.


Do you work with any other holistic practices for your health and wellbeing?

I travel to New Mexico every summer solstice to see amma and do white tantric.

Visit The Local Rose and Shiva Rose Beauty.

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