Visionary #31: Ruby Warrington’s high vibe business

Ruby Warrington is a writer and thought leader, paving the way for contemporary conversations around spirituality. Hailing from the UK and now residing in New York, Ruby now runs a global business surrounding spirituality- the main one being The Numinous- which literally means ‘divine power’ in Latin. Ruby launched her book Material Girl, Mystical World last year, detailing more on her journey with business, relationships, and spirituality.


What has been your most transformational experience in your spiritual journey so far? 

Reframing my relationship to alcohol and choosing to be “Sober Curious.” This journey was the surprise subplot to my first book, (which is an introduction to all my favorite spiritual practices through the lens of my personal transformation) – and the subject of my second (out Jan 2019). Choosing not to numb out with “spirits” means I feel connected to my own spirit 24/7.

What kinds of lessons have you learnt on your book journey?

I’ve learned how healing it is to tell our stories, and have them be witnessed. The concept of “story medicine” has become the backbone of my work with Moon Club, an online spiritual mentoring program I created to help empower women all over the world find and use their voice.


What makes you feel grounded and gives you source energy? 

Having really good boundaries with social media! Scrolling on Instagram (for example) takes me out of my body and into my head, and every comment and interaction is another small leak of my energy. I delete the app from my phone each night at 8pm and all weekend.

What practices you do to unwind? 

See above re social media! I also love to get a regular deep tissue massage, which we’ve been trained to see as “pampering” or “indulgent” – but which I see as a necessary part of supporting myself and my work.


Skin and hair car routine:

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish at night, followed by rose water and Nucifera’s The Balm. In the morning I splash cold water on my face, followed by more rose water, and Infinitude Universal Facial Treatment. Hair care routine is Davines Alchemic System or Alterna Instant Repair.


What other practices you enjoy?

Astrology is my therapy. I use my own chart as a way to help me process my emotions and make sense of my experience of life.


Material Girl, Mystical World is out now, published with Harper Collins. Discover Ruby’s other projects: The Numinous, Moon Club and Club SÖDA.

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