Visionary #2: Meet AJA, the Spirit Guide Coach

AJA never wanted to be a medium and felt that it wasn’t even close to what she thought she would dedicate her life to “I had experiences with the other side as a child that terrified me and blocked out my gifts for decades. It was only in the midst of a serious depression that I decided to take stock of where I was in my life and decide if I was pursuing avenues that actually made me happy or just should make me happy.” Once AJA realised that she had never pursued anything for herself, it awakened her to being of service to others, specifically women. AJA then enrolled course that would certify her as a transformational life coach, helping her to connect to her third eye again, and to the spiritual realm.
AJA did have her doubts about embarking on this journey “I had been pulled towards the metaphysical during my coaching training, but kept talking myself out of it. I told myself that I would be isolated and no one would understand” she explains. “The truth is, I was at the point where I was talking to my guides on a daily basis, and they said merge your practice, combine the two. From that point on everything changed. I’ve learned to trust them completely and we work on my business together as a team. I ask for their thoughts on collaborators, workshops, and business expansion.”
AJA’s specific connection to Spirit Guides is to pass on information that can help people feel more fulfilled and connected and to gain the knowledge that we are not alone ““People come to me to speak to their spirit guides who are always with you.” She says “If someone wishes to speak to a specific person I ask my guides to help bring them to us, but if they don’t wish to connect there’s nothing I can do. I never force or push more anything that isn’t already revealing itself to me or my client naturally.” During her sessions, there is always breakthrough “When people realise, really realise that they are not alone, it’s a game changer. They (Guides) are there when you have your first child or meet the love of your life for the first time”.


AJA carries out the work at her home, which is also where her collective Spirit House hold their weekly workshops: “I’m super fortunate to have a home that is perfect for the type of work that I do. I also hold workshops throughout the city and will be speaking at wellness and metaphysical retreats in Spring”. AJA cleanses and protect her home and office each day with Palo Santos and sage, and she uses oracle decks for herself, clients and before meetings to get an idea of how her day will pan out. AJA also takes Sun Song flower essences to enhance psychic ability and to energise between sessions as they can often be very draining.

“Meditation is the foundation for any serious spiritual work, and it grounds you and allows you the time needed to tune into your physical and subtle bodies” AJA says, and spends time each morning at her altar meditating, pulling cards and connecting with her Guides. AJA also advises people to speak to their guides all the time, “when you’re driving, cooking, taking a shower, whenever! They’re always around watching and listening. This can be an internal dialogue. Let them know how you’re feeling, your needs, fears and aspirations. Acknowledgement is so important when you wish to strengthen this connection. You’ll be surprised by what transpires by just letting them know that you know spirits are looking out for you. It’s a process that takes patience and commitment.” AJA also encourages those seeking this line of work also should also follow their heart and trust: “If your heart is pulling you towards this profession, then listen. It might evolve and change during the process, but that’s part of the fun of taking a leap of faith.”
So can someone have more than one Guide? “I started with two, and I remember being weirdly disappointed, since several of my friends and clients have around four to six” AJA tells me “Since diving into this work, several other Guides, angels and spirits have made themselves known and work with me on a daily basis”.

AJA’s main Guide is Monty, who has a lot of fire energy: “He is always pushing her to be the best I can be, to not let fear get in the way of what I truly desire. Monty was my husband in a past life, and though that life had a lot of sadness, he has a healthy sense of humour and makes me laugh a lot. Monty can also be frustrating when he advises me to do things that initially stress me out but I’ve learned to trust his judgement. He’s my best friend.” AJA speaks to her Guides regularly, and feels she needs to spend more one on one time with them so that I can get to know them better (her communication lately has mainly been to ask advice for her own clients).

The most rewarding aspect of AJA’s role as The Spirit Guide Coach is meeting amazing people every single day, “connecting with those who wish to grow and expand, and who are brave enough to peel back the layers of who they thought they were in order to move into who they want to be”.

AJA also works with the famous Akashic Records, and tells me they are a spiritual space that contains the vibrational record of each individual soul and its journey. They contain all past, present, and future possibilities; and are an experiential body of knowledge and compassion. “I was certified a few months ago by the lovely and talented Helen Vonderheide and step into the records when I want to feel calm and collected throughout the day”.
To AJA, self care means “being kinder to yourself, gentler. Telling yourself that you love you is the best medicine.” Whilst being surrounded by so many amazing healers in her community, AJA uses Reiki, acupuncture, cupping, energy work, Yoga, and plays her sound bowls and drum. AJA used to be a meat eater, but once she started doing this work, her entire body chemistry changed and is now unable to eat any meat at all. “Anything that has a soul, causes a whirlwind of psychic guilt and I just end up feeling heavy” she says, and now has a mainly Vegetarian diet, with lots of water and Matcha for energy.
AJA lives in one of the oldest homes in Eagle Rock, and she can often be found playing with her dog, reading or playing music: “The energy here is amazing” she explains. As well as cleansing her space daily, AJA protects herself and her family from negative energy by asking her Guides and Angels for protection. AJA’s favourite place in her home is her office/altar space “It’s my spiritual haven. I also have a beautiful backyard where our “mother” eucalyptus tree resides and I’ll go out and spend time underneath her when I need to recharge”


AJA will travelling to Japan on her honeymoon this year, but also plans to visit New Orleans to dig into some ancestral work. “I think 2019 will be the year I travel more. I want to go EVERYWHERE!

You can find out more about AJA’s work and Spirit House Collective on her website here.

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