Visionary #26: The Naturalista discusses motherhood and mantras

​I started delving into a more holistic way of living after hitting a physical, emotional and spiritual burnout running a street food business with my now husband Ben. It was a wonderful journey, but we weren’t looking after ourselves as we should. It began with nutrition, and from there the door opened to a more engaged, aware and nourishing way of living and staying vital that is still revealing itself to me the further along the path I go.  The Naturalista is the visual and written diary of parts of my journey to far – those that can be put into words! I’m so grateful for the beautiful community it has brought me and without their support none of it would have been possible. ​
What has been your most transformational or deepest experience in your journey so far?

​ Without doubt, the initiation into motherhood.​ It has changed me, as it changes every woman, irrevocably. The transition is so profound and powerful, the depth of what is required of us as mothers and parents is a powerful medicine for body and soul. It can be the most challenging and confusing and demanding, but in those moments of contraction lies the deepest healing. I see it as an ongoing expansion on every level. It’s a crash course in surrender and letting go, which we seem to have un-learned so skilfully in our modern society. Then of course there is the sheer playfulness and lightness that being with children brings, and that has to much beauty to it in itself.​

What makes you feel grounded and gives you source energy?

Being in nature, being with my boy, finding my earth connection and my wombspace and breathing there.​

Skin and hair care routine:

Slim-to-none! However I usually use a mixture of Dr Hauschka toner, NYR serum, Weleda rose face cream, ​homemade almond and oat face scrub, tea tree and coconut oil. I’m currently trying a new night cream by a French brand called Cosmydor. I’m pretty lo-fi on the hair front. I never dry it and wash and condition with whatever is in the bathroom – usually Jason or Faith in Nature.Any other holistic aspects?

I enjoy occasional shiatsu for realignment, I also regularly visit Elisa at Kuu London for cranial osteopathy and trust her with my life. I also have my own element-based practices that bring me back into connection with my body, the earth and spirit; and my beloved is training as a biodynamic psychotherapist so he practises his massages on me which I adore.

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