Visionary #27: Meet The Lioness Oracle founder, talking tea, tarot and grounding practices

Home is the nest I create for myself wherever I live. It is the sanctuary where I seek safety, grounding, nurturing and creativity.
Photo: Julia Corbett
What first led you to tarot and Astrology?

I received my first Tarot reading when I was 17, and it was so powerful and helpful. My father then gifted me a Tarot deck, and I began studying it, along with Astrology.

How did you first get inspired to create The Lioness Oracle and how did you channel the images for the cards?

Collaging became a healing practice for me after my Father passed away in April 2014, and soon the Tarot archetypes began to flow through. I decided to commit to making the full 78 card deck. The deck was created amidst candles, incense, music, and lots of tea.

What in your spiritual or art work are you most proud of and why?

I am proud of pushing through resistance and fear in both my spiritual practice, and creating my artwork. There is always an ego voice that creeps in, causing doubt. I feel proud of my courage to push past that.

What does your typical week look like?

On weekdays I begin my days with a Tarot tea ceremony, where I journal and check in with myself. I then prepare a cacao elixir, meditate, and do yoga. After that, I handle all of my business matters (emails, accounting, shipping, etc.), and create art. Saturday and Sunday I take it easy and enjoy life.

Photo: Julia Corbett
What are your favourite Summer rituals?

My favorite summer ritual is to be outside enjoying sunshine, butterflies, dragonflies, hummingbirds, and all nature. I love to be around my friends and family and share food and wine. I also love to travel to the ocean or a river.

What does self care mean to you?

Self care for me is prioritizing the things that my mind, body and spirit need to feel balanced and healthy. That could look different for different people. For me it is salt baths, staying hydrated, eating clean nourishing food, knowing when to let go and indulge, getting plenty of rest, playtime, and doing my spiritual work.

What are your favourite skin and hair regimes?

I love all things rose, and the beautiful thing is that it is good for the skin! So I enjoy natural products that have rose in them for my skin and hair. A scalp massage with essential oils not only beautifies the hair, but is super relaxing.

Do you work with any other holistic practices for your health and wellbeing?

I practice the Ayurvedic technique of abhyanga, which is an oil massage you give yourself. In the colder months I do this in my bath. I take herbs for my bodily health. I also discovered that taking local raw honey in the months leading up to Spring completely prevented allergies. I hardly ever get sick and I truly believe that it is due to my clean diet and self care regimen.

Photo: Julia Corbett
Pre-order the new shipment of The Lioness Oracle here.
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