Visionary #5: Finding Magic with The Goddess Space

Anoushka Loftus founded The Goddess Space out of a calling to create enchanting safe spaces for Women in order to connect back to their power, their truth and their highest self. “A Space for Women to unleash the Magick. My core values lie in the knowing that the power is within. We have everything we need to heal ourselves and lead the lives we’re destined to lead. We have the Magickal ability to truly create our reality. The Goddess Space has been built upon that truth and the core value of what I do is supporting Women to reawaken and reclaim what is already inside them” Anoushka says.

When I visited The Goddess Space for the first time, I was in awe of the beautiful furnishings Anoushka had put together; beautiful shades of pearl and Rose Quartz adorned blankets, cushions and ornate mirrors. The space felt truly grounded and sacred, as Palo Santo burned amongst the plants and crystals. “I love creating sacred spaces on both a physical and spiritual level” Anoushka tells me “The beauty of my work is I get to create gorgeous spaces for Women to gather, but in doing so I also create the space within for Women to connect. I cleanse the space before every gathering or 1:1 session. I also always have a special blend of Frankincense burning, which if you ask the Women who have joined me at The Goddess Space, is usually what they’ll smell lingering from down the street!”

Anoushka’s intention for women is to connect back to their truth, and create space and time to listen to what their truth has to say: “Most of us spend our lives hiding from that voice, so to create even a moment when you’re in conversation with it is my intention for all the Women who join me”. Anoushka stays motivated in her business by tuning in to her inner voice: “Every morning I connect back to my truth and connect back to how can I serve. I know the power of my gifts within and my motivation lies in reminding myself of them”.

After quitting her job last year to focus on The Goddess Space- a process which she describes as “liberating and magickal”- Anoushka is certainly living by the message of her design. However, this process came with it’s own challenges: “Comparison and judging quickly swooped in. These feelings created many setbacks for me, including making business decisions that weren’t in alignment with my heart and not being true to myself and my fears of not ‘succeeding’”. I’ve been on a journey this past year of letting go of the judgment I place on myself, the belief that I’m not worthy of success and not good enough, and comparing myself to others around me. What I’ve found is that a magickal thing starts to happen when you surrender and let go, when you choose to replace” I’m not good enough” with “I’m more than enough”. Your truth starts to shine out of you, space is created, the right opportunities present themselves and everything begins to flow as it should.”

As for her own lifestyle, Anoushka walks her puppy twice a day, and tries to venture to Hampstead Heath to connect with nature: “I have set the intention of the importance of moving my body this year; Pilates/ weight training and dance are all on the agenda”. Anoushka is also Vegan “which means you do need to be slightly creative with what you eat” she tells me “Chickpeas, avocado, lots of leafy greens and always a pot of hummus keeps me in check”. Since Anoushka is a Pisces, bathing is also top priority for self care rituals.

To connect back to herself, Anoushka journals every day and works with personal mantras that change in alignment with her own inner cycle: “I find journaling a beautiful ritual. A space in time when I can collect my thoughts, share my experiences and most importantly uncover my truth. I usually am given words of power to work with from spirit through meditations. At the moment I’m working with the Goddess Sophia, who has inspired me to say daily- Shine light on everything, shine light within self, shine light outside of self“. Anoushka also has plans to release old patterns this year; “My intention is to let go of the habitual pattern of picking my phone to fill silent or uncomfortable spaces. To become more present in my daily life, releasing the attachment to technology and see in that space what it creates.”

I asked Anoushka for her insight as to how readers might be able to work through their own challenges in life, or for the times when they feel unbalanced. “Breathe through the emotion coming up, allow it to be there and begin to observe it. In doing so you instantly recognise that what has caused you to become unbalanced is not you, but something outside of you. In becoming the observer of your emotions, feelings and ‘mind chatter’ you can return to your truth, to your balance and your heart; reclaiming that power once again” she shares (more on that in Anoushka’s blog here).

Anoushka also works with the moon for her self development: “The Dark Moon is my most healing time, whereby everything I’ve been ignoring or suppressing rises to the surface and I’m faced with the option to release it or allow it to continue living locked inside me. I take this time to truly connect to what is coming up and then I create a ritual to release it before the New Moon rises the following day.”

Since Anoushka has put such care and thought into the interior of The Goddess Space itself, I was intrigued to know what inspires her own wardrobe: “I’m very inspired by bohemian, gypsy and Victorian styles” she tells me. I love beautiful feminine fabrics such as silk and lace. I try to layer these together and match them with something a little bit edgier like a pair of old biker boots. I tend to go to vintage stores or raid my mother’s wardrobe. A new purchase needs to have meaning an intention behind it if I’m going to wear it on my back. This may mean a colour I’m drawn to wearing, a shape, or just an expression of how I’m feeling. When you start to work with Magick you’ll find symbolism in everything you do.”

Anoushka has spent this year connecting back to her roots, and visioning what her year will look like. She plans to take The Goddess Space to the next level in 2018, planning stop offs in New York and Miami back from a friend’s wedding in Mexico: “Currently I’m working on ‘Pop up’ Goddess Gatherings, packing up my magickal bag and taking the gatherings to different spaces, festivals and studios across London. I can definitely vision these pop ups holding space all around the world. I’m also working on building a beautiful online space that Women from all over the world can tune into and connect with. I’ve also been setting some powerful intentions and have begun work on a few new creations that I’m super excited about unveiling soon. My dream for the World in 2018 is for everyone to have the eyes to see the Magick is all around them, and to make life choices in honour, gratitude and love to that!”

You can find out more about The Goddess Space on Instagram, and women who feel called to can also join the online sharing group on Facebook. Anoushka also writes regular blog posts here.