Visionary #15: Stephanie Leah’s earth conscious project

Home is Santa Monica, CA. My mother was in the consciousness world ever since I was a child. So I pretty much grew up knowing that there was a higher consciousness available to everyone. I received a masters in Spiritual Psychology and am presently finishing up a third year in Consciousness, Health and Healing at the University of Santa Monica.

My purpose is to support clients in removing any barriers that are in the way of responding to climate change in a mindful, compassionate and responsible manner. I write from home, work in my urban farm, and see clients for private listening sessions, breathwork meditation or eco-conscious consulting.

What excites/ inspires you the most about guiding your clients towards self love? 

I’m of the belief that we are all connected and when one person shifts toward a higher frequency, the whole world shifts. I love to witness the shifts in consciousness.

What does self care mean to you? 

Self-care is about healing and saying yes to self-love. It’s about participating in the basic human rituals of connecting with self.

What are your beauty rituals?

Honestly, I don’t really wash my face. I allow the natural oils and bacteria on my face to clean and replenish my facial skin. My hair is usually totally natural and curly. I don’t like to purchase a lot of products because of the waste factor.

Any favourite beauty products?

I make my own skin butter and purchase natural body oils and fragrance from Aesop

Do you incorporate any holistic practices into your self care routine?

Daily meditation, tea meditations, shaman journeying and breathwork.

What would be an ideal weekend for you?

A slow weekend of walks to the coffee house with friends or my daughter and sitting and watching people go by, a little gardening and watering and a nourishing meal with veggies harvested from the garden and a relaxing evening alone or with good friends.

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