Visionary #28: Mending the path to love with Persia Lawson

Currently my boyfriend Joe and I are living with my sister in Kingston, Surrey. Joe and I got back from 5 months of travelling in March and didn’t want to commit to taking on another letting as we want to go travelling again soon. What I’m most loving is the fact we are not tied down to a contract or mortgage, so we feel very free and plan to make the most of our freedom while we can!
What is the core of what you do as a love coach and how do you help your clients?

I help women obtain and sustain healthy, soulful and lasting relationships in the chaos of the modern dating world. Through my digital love-coaching program ‘Get Your Soulmate’, we work through any destructive patterns and behaviour, limiting beliefs and trauma associated with their romantic life, and then get really clear on what type of person and relationship would feel really good to them. We then create a plan of action to turn these desires in to a reality. There’s the option to do this program with me 1:1, or as part of a group – but currently I only run two live rounds a year.

What is the first thing you look to address when working with a new client?

We clarify the specific destructive patterns and unconscious ‘love-programming’ that have been blocking them from getting and keeping the great relationship they deserve.

Describe your typical day:

Every day and week is very different, but if I’m working from home I get up around 5am and spend 2 hours meditating, journaling, reading, doing yoga and getting clear on what I’ve got lined up for the day ahead. Then my boyfriend Joe will spend a few minutes together before he leaves for work, and then I shower and get dressed, have a healthy breakfast and then spend an hour or two writing a blog post or recording a video. Then I might have one or two client sessions over Skype before lunch.

After lunch I will walk to Richmond Park and spend a bit of time in nature, before coming home and spending the afternoon doing more 1:1 client love-coaching sessions, being interviewed for podcasts, replying to emails or working on an upcoming event or workshop.

Joe gets home around 7pm and we’ll spend the evening catching up on our day, cooking and watching a movie or Netflix series. We’ll generally try to be in bed for around 10ish to start the process again.

What does self care mean to you?

It means doing what feels right and loving for ME on any given day – not what looks good or right to someone else. There’s so much conflicting stuff out there in the wellness world these days, but I’m tired of living my life for other people’s approval (which I spent most of my life doing!) I trust my own path, and if something needs to change I know it’s up to me to change it. We need to trust ourselves more – I think that really is the essence of self-care.

What are your favourite skincare and hair care rituals?

I’ve always been pretty basic with beauty rituals. I wash my hair with whatever happened to be in the bathroom at the time, but I do use coconut oil for pretty much everything – a hair mask, as moisturiser, in my morning coffee/ to cook with – you name it.

Do you have any other beauty routines?

I swear by Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream as a great stand in when you don’t have coconut oil to hand. I also love fresh ginger, lemon and honey tea in the winter – they drink lots of it in India and it’s like a hug in a cup. I used to love getting my eyelashes done, but travelling for such a long stint forced me to appreciate going as natural as possible with my beauty regime.

What projects are you working on this Summer?

I’m doing lots of speaking at festivals and big events. I’ll be bringing in my background as an actress and singer-songwriter to make my talks a bit different to what’s currently out there. I’m also working on my first Love Retreat, which will be held in Spain in late September. I’m also finishing off my book proposal about who to find real love in a superficial world – a topic I’ll be doing a Ted Talk on very soon.

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