Visionary #29: plant-based, ethical beauty with One Love Organics

We are lucky enough to call Saint Simons Island, Georgia home, which is a beautiful, moss-draped barrier island off the coast of Georgia. And we’re proud to say that this is home for all of One Love Organics manufacturing facility. 
How did One Love Organics first begin?

I started in aromatherapy by playing in essential oils and I was so amazed at how essential oils really helped me relax and focus. This ultimately led me to want to create skincare products with plant-based materials.

What excites/ inspires you the most about working with natural products?

I have a very unique upbringing. I grew up on a farm and my father, professionally, is a pharmacist – that’s right, both a farmer and a pharmacist! So I really got to see the wonders of both nature and science growing up, and how they could each benefit a person. However, I can truly say that in all the time that he’s practiced pharmacy, I’ve never seen science work as powerfully as nature. Natural remedies are truly powerful without any surprising harmful side effects.

Describe your typical week:

There is no typical week. One week you’ll catch me spending almost all of my time in the lab, working on new products or formulating the 30th trial of another new product we’re working on. The next week you’ll find me at my desk either researching, emailing or on a conference call. The following week you’ll find me traveling and making my desk at a cute local coffee shop.

What does self care mean to you?

To me, it’s as simple as it sounds: to take care of yourself, whatever that may be. For me, a large part of it is a great skincare regimen. But it can also mean going to a movie with my children, putting down my phone and spending a day at the beach with my family, enjoying a nice plant-based margarita while watching the sunset or just taking a bubble bath and reading a book. Whatever it may be for you, my biggest “rule” is to make sure that the things you’re doing to take care of yourself creates wellness and joy.

What are your favourite rituals?

One of my favourite skincare rituals is a nice long bath! I love using our Love + Charcoal masque while relaxing in the tub. I’ll also add in a few pumps of our Vitamin C Body Oil into my bath water to help gently exfoliate from head-to-toe while also replenish my skin with its facial grade ingredients. It’s my ultimate form of relaxation, leaving me feeling centred and refreshed. (When I feel like I really need extra exfoliation, I’ll use our Vitamin C body polish as well – it’s the only body scrub that cleanses and exfoliates so I know I’m really doing my body good).

What is your favourite One Love Organics product? 

This is always a hard one for me. I started One Love Organics on one product alone, our Skin Savior, and it will always be one of my favourites. And truthfully I love all of our products for different reasons.  However, if I had to pick just one product, I would have to say our Vitamin E Eye Balm – I slather this product on at night and I swear that it has saved my eyes from fine lines and wrinkles.

Any other favourite beauty products/ natural remedies?

Yes! My favourite natural remedy is infusing my water with herbs and fruit. I love to drink water to hydrate my skin within, but sometimes I just find water boring! Using recipes like the one outlined below help me to stay healthily hydrated while also providing my body with extra nutrients.

Do you incorporate any holistic practices into your self care routine?

I love putting on a relaxing song and doing my breath work while completing my double cleanse in the evening. It signals to my brain that it’s time to wind-down and to get ready for a great night sleep. I really take this time to focus on centring myself, sort of using it as a moving mediation. One of my favourite parts of it all is the facial massage I do while rubbing our Vitamin B Cleansing Oil on.

Discover the world of One Love Organics on their website and Instagram.
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