Visionary #23: Obsidian Moon on processing the emotions

Home is a funny concept and one I have never really understood until this year. I now feel like physical “home” for me comes from knowing a place like the back of my hand and the quality of the food. Which brings me to my Astrological placements… I have heavy Taurus energy and a Cancer Sun sign so comfort, beauty and safety are huge.
How did you first begin your exploration into Astrology and how do you channel your famous weekly horoscopes?

It was when I was working at a spa in Portland, OR was the first time I was introduced to the idea that Astrology was more than just sun signs. I started reading my friend’s charts and researching diligently when I found this out. I didn’t realise that I could have a career in Astrology until I moved to the Bay Area, where I then began to pursue it as a side-business. I went full-time in December of 2016 and will never look back.

I channel my weekly horoscopes by taking a look at the transits for the week and channelling what each sign might need to hear accordingly.

I love your new website. What does the digital process mean to you?

Thank you! My graphic designer and I have worked really hard to make it very authentic to who I am and what my brand stands for. I try to elevate the experience of consuming Astrological content by making it as visually pleasing and clean as possible. I went to school for art and the marriage of art/design and Astrology/mysticism is extremely important to me. I really believe in what I do and I think design aesthetic is an important part of respecting my craft.

Describe your typical day:

I try to wake up around 8am everyday. I do yoga as soon as I wake up, no matter what. I then meditate, use my crystal facial roller and then finish my skincare routine (see below). I allow myself to start looking at screens around an hour after all of that and start working, but no two working days ever look the same

What does self care mean for you?

Self care is the act of being in-tune with what you need and being willing to tend to it, no matter how hard or “inconvenient” it might be. Self-care is an important part of taking care of others.

What are your favourite skincare and hair care rituals?

I am really particular about what goes on my hair and skin. I only use Pink Light products or organic Jojoba oil on my skin. In terms of my hair, it’s a lot of moisturising and giving myself plenty of space between wash days. I also have ACV and a strong Calendula tea for scalp health.

Since we’re in Cancer season, what kind of holistic practices can Cancer Suns embrace for self care?

Cancer Suns need to be really careful about where we put our energy and our motivations behind it. Journaling about how we feel everyday as well as processing our emotions out loud and in other ways is crucial. My #1 Cancer Sun Care tip is to prioritise honest emotional self-expression daily.

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