Visionary #20: Mama Medicine on ritualistic living

Home is Brooklyn, New York. I’ve lived here for the past seventeen years and it is the first place that has really felt like home for me. 

How did you first begin your exploration into Shamanism?

I had a really tumultuous upbringing and that lead me to realise at an early age that I needed a lot of healing. I started meditating, practicing yoga, and reiki, and this led me to opening my own yoga and healing centre in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. At that same time I met a shaman from Peru who invited me to come travel and train and learn with him and that opened up the door to my path in shamanism.

What are the benefits of your ritual offerings?

I notice that people feel lighter, cleaner and more balanced after Medicine Readings. Everyone leaves with lots to think about because clients are really come to see me to gather the tools they need to be their own healer.

What excites you about your work?

That I get to help so many people see how pure and loving they are and that they then mirror that energy to their communities. I’ve seen lives drastically transform for the better after one Medicine Reading all from that one person being will to take responsibility for themselves and their lives. It’s awe-inspiring to me.

How did you first begin creating your Ritual Baths?

I first learned about bathing as a ritual in Peru and learnt that there are many bathing rituals across the different cultures. For me, Ritual Baths are a way I heal myself from the burnout I have when I close my yoga studio and healing centre at the end of the day. These baths were such a powerful Medicine for me I decided to start sharing them with the world.

Describe your typical week:

Mon- Fri I wake up around 5am to do my self care practices before my family wakes up, then I see my daughter off to school and head to Space by Mama Medicine to practice Medicine Readings. After that, I may have an interview to answer or a panel or event to go to but if not I head home to cook dinner for my family. On the weekends I like seeing friends, exploring new things in this ever changing city and watching funny movies.

What does self care mean to you?

To me, self care is a mind set; wherever I am what ever I’m doing, that is enough, and from that place self care extends to anything I do that helps me to feel balanced and peaceful.

What are your favourite beauty rituals?

I love going for a Mojave Desert Skin Shield facial and putting La Tierra SagradaTreatment in my hair once a month. Also, I have found a ton of healing with Sakara Food it make me feel like I glow from the inside out.

What other holistic practices do you bring into your self care routine?

I have my own personal restorative yoga practice that I like to combine with a self reiki and crystal healing treatment. It’s my favourite way to unwind at then end of a long week.

Find more about Deborah Hanekamp via her website and Instagram. If you are in NYC, you can book a Medicine Reading session with Mama Medicine here or an event at Space. International readers can also keep an eye on her retreats page. 
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