Visionary #24: Luminous Palm channels art and tarot

Home is newly Los Angeles. I was living in the desert in Joshua Tree for a year and a half, and New York for 11 years before. Los Angeles has such a scrappy beauty to it….I’m in love with all the wild vegetation and how it intermingles with the grit of the city. Having the ocean, a hike, or a museum within close range feels like such a luxury.
Photo: Sami Lane
How did you first begin your exploration into tarot?

I’ve been studying Tarot off and on for over a decade…first very casually, and then in the last three or four years in a very focused and devoted way.  With my background as a painter and as an intuitive individual, communicating through the visual language of Tarot really resonated with me. It just made sense. I channel with both painting and Tarot by going into a meditative state and connecting with the spirit world.

Your art is so intrinsic with the spiritual world. How did you come to finding your artistic side and what is your creative process?

I grew up with a highly creative mother, so drawing and going to see art was something I’ve been doing since a young age. My love of art grew as I got older, and I went to art school. My painting comes from a very still space, sometimes ideas come to me in dreams, in flashes, or through meditation.  I keep a notebook where I draw quick sketches down after being in a very receptive state and then refer back to them before painting. I also reiki all the paintings by laying a hand on the surface. It’s a quiet blessing- a moment between myself and the painting before it comes to life.

Photo: Leila Grieche
Describe your typical day:

I wake early, usually by my cat pawing at my face. I make a coffee, meditate, go to yoga, and then come back to paint for a few hours. I see most of my Tarot clients via FaceTime in the evenings and in person on the weekends. I like to go to a local park and eat lunch and draw or write or meditate when I’m able to. There’s a giant magnolia tree in the park that I’m in love with, and has such a grounding and graceful presence. Sitting under that tree is one of my favourite rituals.

What does self care mean to you?

Being in nature. Giving myself permission to slow down. Massages or reiki when I’m able to.

What are your favourite skincare and hair care rituals?

I’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to beauty routines. Although Lynn at Grounded Bodyworks in Palm Springs recently gave me a facial. Lynn turned me on to Osea facial products, an organic beauty line that I’ve been loving. And with hair, I just turn to my colourist Jessica and haircutter Coleen at Benjamin Salon in West Hollywood for guidance. They’re both amazing. I also love coconut oil on my body after a bath or shower.

Since we have just reached the turn of the Summer season, what tarot practices can we embrace to aid our self development going into Fall?

Tarot is such a powerful mirror for self reflection. Sitting down to get a Tarot reading with the changing of the seasons is a really beautiful way to connect to your truth and understand where any adjustments might need to be made in your life currently. I personally like to get my cards read by other Tarot readers every few months. However those with decks at home can pull out the Sun card and place it at the top. And ask the cards what most needs to be exposed and embraced this summer season. Summer is a time of heat, intensity, and also leisure. It’s a perfect time to let any shadows come to the surface and work through them, and a wonderful time to really embrace your own potential for expansion and joy.

Book a reading with Caris (in LA or over FaceTime) via her schedule here. You can view more of Caris’s artwork on the Caris Reid website and Instagram.
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