visionary #8: healing planes with Evolve Your Energy

Nyasha specialises in Theta healing, a modality which combines various forms of energy healing such as belief work, inner child work, chakra alignment, energy downloads, and more. “Like many energy healing modalities it works in the subconscious, healing trauma, releasing stagnant energy and disempowering beliefs and activating the body to be a vessel for higher vibrational light energy” she tells me.

“I’ve always helped those around me to heal intuitively, people would always open up to me and come to me for support and guidance. Strangers would meet me once and tell me things they had never shared with anyone” says Nyasha as she recounts her foray into becoming a healer. “I remember from a young age intuitively visualising white light radiating into my loved ones in times of distress, without even thinking about what I was doing. I’ve always been a healer in that sense. After my spiritual awakening I went through a remembering of my essence and path as a healer – it was at this point that my sensitivity, channelling, intuitive abilities and my innate desire to help others emotionally heal and progress in their lives all made complete sense for the first time”.

As soon as Nyasha had her spiritual awakening she knew that healing and connecting others to their true essence was her destined path. “It wasn’t really a case of realising I could build a business from healing, it was more of a process of undergoing deep healing work myself until I got to the point that I was ready to step fully into my path of enabling others to heal” she says.

Healing is a powerful tool, it can hit someone so suddenly, whilst watching a movie or listening to a piece of music. I once witnessed someone break down in years after a gentle yoga class. I am fascinated by the power of moving energy and wanted to find out more about Nyasha’s clients’ experiences. “I’ve had huge breakthroughs with a number of clients, so it’s hard to pinpoint one. In general I really feel the power of every healing session I do; I always end sessions feeling connected to the healing that has taken place for the client. If I had to pick one to mention now, it would be a client who had struggled to leave home until age 27, and after our session where we worked on attachments to their parent and releasing a lot of subconscious fear and childhood trauma. My client was able to leave home and move cities within 1 week of our session, which was amazing” Nyasha tells me.

Another aspect that really stands out on the Evolve Your Energy website is the inclusivity policy- Nyasha explains that it’s very important to her that people in all circumstances in life have access to healing, especially those who are experiencing realities where they lack abundance and the opportunities that come with having access to resources. “The inequalities of the world we live in disproportionately impact certain groups, particularly people of colour and women” she says “Those who have less need healing just as much as those who have more – they arguably have an even greater need for it. This is why I have an accessibility policy whereby I won’t turn away anyone who feels drawn to working with me as a healer, regardless of whether they can afford the my rates”.

What lessons has Nyasha learnt when launching her healing into a client-based business? “I learnt that self-actualisation is a combination of daily steps towards aligning with your true essence. There will be ups and downs on the journey, and that is natural. Keep moving forwards towards your vision, always prioritising feelings of joy and inspiration, and trust that everything will fall into place for your highest good”.

On the subject of self-healing, Nyasha suggests meditation as a good place to start: “It can be practiced by anyone, anywhere. You can heal far more than you might expect through the practice of stillness and unconditional presence. In addition to this I would recommend energy clearing using sound, the voice, herbs, crystals, movement or anything else you are drawn to. I am also a strong advocate of healing and integration through daily self-awareness work and a commitment to making the unconscious conscious. The most simple way to gain awareness of the unconscious is by understanding that the world is your mirror and therefore using all situations and emotions you experience as a way of uncovering and understanding more about your shadow side, which contains your subconscious aspects”.

One of the things that draws me to a healer or spiritual practitioner is their passion for all areas of spiritual growth, and rather than aligning with one singular area of spirituality, Nyasha explains that she also is open to absorbing spiritual wisdom of all kinds: “I know that what resonates with me at any one time won’t necessary always be what I’m drawn to. My spiritual practice evolves as I learn, grow and evolve”. At the moment Nyasha is really drawn to understanding more about plants, herbs and their metaphysical properties. “I’m interested in brewing tonics and elixirs that heal the body from the inside as an accompaniment to the energy healing I do. I’m also really interested in sound healing which I know it will be a significant area of my path. I am currently in the process of exploring my relationship to healing frequencies through my voice and through music”.

“Self care means showing up for myself in the times when it’s most difficult to be self-loving” Nyasha tells me “Self care means being conscious of my thoughts and choosing empowering, compassionate thoughts as opposed to judgmental or self-critical thoughts. Self care means treating my body like a temple, and allowing myself to rest and follow my joy. Self care means being authentic about where I’m struggling, and being willing to take responsibility for myself and my impact on other people and the world. Self care means loving all aspects of me, light and shadow, and knowing that on this path of healing and expansion, I know I’m always doing my best with what I have in any given moment, and that is enough”.

“I ground myself daily, and spend time gazing at the trees, or the rippling water in the canal near my London home. I try to spend time outside connecting to the sun, moon and sky whenever possible, or communing with plants and trees” Nyasha relays “I am so grateful for the lessons nature offers us. I love to take a healing bath with essential oils. epsom salts, crystals and meditation music. This is how I most like to unwind. I choose to populate my environment with things that balance energy and stimulate the senses like crystals and plants. My home is softly lit with candles and salt lamps, it smells like incense, sage and palo santo, and it sounds like the sweet melodies of my favourite musician at a given moment. I also have lots of plump cushions and soft blankets around to make sitting and relaxing comfortable for myself and my guests”.

Nyasha also cleanses her energy daily with sage and palo santo, pulls guidance cards, journals, and asks the universe for assistance she ever feels like she is struggling with something: “I also love to connect with my soul family through intimate and authentic conversation; often I find the energy cultivated when I connect with resonant souls can lead to big realisations, downloads of awareness and rapid shifts of consciousness” she tells me. An ideal evening for Nyasha consists of attending a sound bath or cacao ceremony with like-minded souls, singing devotional songs, moving her body to music “connecting to the divine, then returning home for a relaxing bath, journaling whilst burning incense, drinking a night-time tea, and finally laying my head down to rest with lavender oil on my temples and crystals beneath my pillow”. Nyasha is Vegan so consumes a plant-based diet that includes lots of fruit and vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds. “I love eating food that nourishes my body and supports me to thrive” she says.

Moving between UK and Spain, Nyasha is certainly an example of the Pisces curious energy and adaption: “I think I’m visiting Bali in the Summer, and potentially Colombia and Guatemala over Christmas 2018. I am definitely planning a trip to India for 2019 – I am half Indian but haven’t yet been, so I feel visiting India will be an important milestone for me both in terms of my spiritual journey and connecting to my ancestral roots” she tells me. “In general I am drawn to visit places where I can see the beauty of the world whilst deepening my spiritual practice, learning from ancient cultures and traditions, and experiencing new things which push me to grow and evolve. In May I’m going on a three week Sound Healing / Cacao retreat and training in Sweden which will be an amazing opportunity to deepen my relationship to my voice whilst learning how to hold ceremony using healing sound frequencies and plant medicine”.

On manifestation for the year ahead, Nyasha would like “More joy, more health, more alignment. I would like to fill my time this year with more healing, creativity and expression particularly through music and writing. I’m looking forward to continuing to attract the right people to work with me, and bringing greater conviction, consistency and opportunity into my reality for 2018”.

Learn more about Nyasha’s work on the Evolve Your Energy website, and if you are called to evolve then you can book a private session here which are based out of East London (UK). You can also follow Nyasha’s world on her Instagram page.